Friday, 9 December 2016

Facts about Saturn

Fact about Saturn:
  1. Did you know that Saturn has 62 moons
  2. Saturn is made out of rings of gas
  3. Saturn has storms like wind storms
  4. Saturn is one of the outer planets
  5. Saturn and its ring is almost wind 10 times the earth
  6. Saturn is the Son of Neptune and father of jupiter.
  7. Saturn is the 2nd biggest planet
  8. 53 moons are named
  9. It's a gas Giant and 10 hours, 39 minutes long
  10. Saturn is the 6th planet away from the sun
  11. It takes 29 years for Saturn to orbit the sun.
  12. 886,000,000 miles away from the sun
  13. Saturn is mostly made out of Hydrogen and Helium
  14. 26.7 is the amount of degreesImage result for saturn'
  15. Saturn is so cold you can freeze