Friday, 30 October 2015

What is wrong with Pluto

The Problem with Pluto by David Hill
SJ Level 3 Feb 2012

WALT: Use a cline graphic organiser to order words with similar meanings
WALT: create an acrostic phrase

There are lots of different words that describe the comparative (to compare) size of an object.

Use this cline scale to find the words which indicate size and fit them along the scale (click to edit the image)

People used this acrostic phrase to remember the order of the planets: My Very Excellent Mother Just Served Us Nine Pies. Now that Pluto is no longer an official planet create your own acrostic sentence to remember the order of the planets.

Original Phrase
Your Creation
underneath my

3. Write a paragraph summary explaining if Pluto is a planet, and why/why not.

It's about Pluto, and about people who say who killed Pluto and who did not
know about Pluto. Pluto is smaller than the moon. It takes 200 year for just one day,
and Pluto is our ninth planet.


Monday, 19 October 2015

Trip to Coromandel

                        Trip to Coromandel

My holiday trip took three and a half hours to get there
from Auckland. We walked  for long time and saw olden day metal
and they used to dig for gold. My whole family went and my dad's friend.

First in the holiday we woke up early in the morning,
got changed and filled our bag with  bottles of water.
We also took some food for us to eat. We got everything ready
because we were going on big trip to Coromandel. In the olden
days people use to get gold at Coromandel. There are big mountains  
there too.

It took a long time to get there. It was three and a half hour drive. . My dads friend came to join us on our trip to Coromandel, we were going on a van but my dads friend went on his car. On the way we found somewhere to stop and eat.We parked our cars and got out and ate. We were eating sandwiches, they were healthy. My sandwich had beetroot and lettuce, blue cheese, it was a yummy snack.

After we ate we started to drive again it was a very long ride.
Then finally we made it to Coromandel. All of us got out
and looked at the river. It was a big river with large rocks. Then we went to the map because my dad's friend was talking about where we are going to go. later on we started to walk up the mountain.
It was a big mountain to walk up, some of us got a little tired but
we still walked. When we were walking we saw a tunnel. It was where the people used to dig for gold in the olden days. My dads friend got torches out of his bag for us to use in the dark tunnel.
we walked through the tunnel. There were two tunnels. We went to the one that leads you outside. But then a lady came to us and said you can’t walk over here
so we had to go all the way back.

After that we drove back home. I was so tired when we got home, I went to my bed a fell in it.
And my first time going to Coromandel.
It was the awesome best trip.    



Sunday, 4 October 2015

Me and my brother sumo paint

This is me and my brother holding hand and looking after our self , that my brother holding his toy. This is my sumo paint I did, and that me wereing a top hat. In my sumo paint I learned to look after one other. 
And look your brother or sister 
Thank you for reading

Sunday morning

Today Sunday morning we woke up at 9:00 in the morning, we started to clean, I was doing the dishes and my mum and sister was cooking rice and egg mixed together. Then we all fished cleaning, we got changed and packed our stuff for our new house we are moving to, our new house is big and big enough for all of us. After packing our stuff into our new house we had to go buy some 
curtains for our new house, we buyed the curtains from the shops
my mum buyed toy for us but she said only one thing. So we all 
got one thing. My dad got his tools out for the curtains at our new house, it was hard for my dad to put the curtains up because there 
were no wires puted up for him, later on we finished and we all went back home and had arest.  

Friday, 2 October 2015

Me and my Brother playing dinosaur head

Today me and my brother played dinosaur head, me and my brother made it up. First we put our head together and then we push each other on the head genitally and act like dinosaurs.
 This is the dinosaur
me and my brother act like.

Triceratops dinosaur facts, stats and image