Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Day 1: 100% PURE New Zealand

3.jpgActivity 1:  Go to the Tourism New Zealand website and click on the ‘Facts - New Zealand People’ tab. Read about the people of New Zealand and then choose three interesting facts to post on your blog. The facts must be written in your own words. Do not simply copy and paste the facts from the website☺.

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Three interesting facts

  • The Maori had sailed the seas, from Hawaiki searching for new land,soon  finding New Zealand. Maori are very similar to other polynesian cultures like Tahiti and the Cook Islands.

  • One New Zealand Demigod, is Maui. Maui the Demigod is famous for many things. He had taught humans the useful arts and had pulled the sun in making the days longer, but he is mostly famous for fishing up the North Island.

  • To catch the Huge Fish, now known as the North Island, he had used a hook the he had made secretly using a magical ancestral jawbone, pulling the fish up with help from his brothers.

Tuesday, 4 July 2017


Matariki is the new year for the maori people, matariki is also known as the 7 sister and the mother surrounding there six. Matariki is invisible until the next June. In English people call matariki pleiades.
During Matariki Maori people celebrate the Maori new years, maori dance with their friend and family when matariki When Ranginui, the sky father, and Papatūānuku, the earth mother, were separated by their children the god of wind, Tāwhirimātea, became angry, tearing out his eyes and hurling them into the heavens.

Matariki has two meanings, both of which refer to the cluster of stars. Mata Riki means Tiny Eyes, and Mata Ariki means Eyes of God.
Some people celebrate new years when the new moon rises and other people celebrate new year after the new moon. In Samoa it’s called matali’e.

Friday, 30 June 2017

Tech at Tamaki Collage Term 1

Term one 2017 I went to Tamaki collage to do tech, I was doing art.
So when Mrs Teller phoney came to start. She said to get a paper and draw, she also said to 
draw 4 lines anyway so you can draw in the five shapes. (Look at the picture to see what drawed)
I wrote Samoa the opposite way because when you print in will look like it say Samoa how it its meant to be.
So the was the first day at tech.

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

At School

Today I went to school in the morning, I played some rugby for 20 minutes then the bell rang.
All the kids went back to class, We did Test's until it was morning tea we did our spelling test and our writing test. So when I played rugby again with my friend's, it was funny until the bell rang, I do the milk by giving how much milk a class need's. Me and Aj do give out the milk to the kid's.
When Me and Aj came back to class we got out our book so we can read.
A few hours later it was lunch time.

We just keep playing rugby the whole day but it was fun. The bell rang lunch time over
So the teacher was sorting out a problem then other teacher came to get me and our group to learn how to take your time and say nothing is hard, it was a group the goes to draw's by joining dot's to make a shape. After that it was home time.

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Going to school sick

On Monday 19 I went to school sick and it didn't feel good. So on Monday morning I woke up and felt a little sick so I got ready for school, when I made it to school I played some soccer with my friend's.
Well I was playing I thought I would get better. The bell rang I went back to class and felt bad, a few hours later I got an fever Mrs Stone said told me to go to the sick bay but said im ok.
After lunch time I had a bad fever, but I still stayed in the class room. I just sat down until it was home time and that was my Sick day at school

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

How you can stop Bully's at school

  • So if you see a bully go get the teacher or go to the bully and say "stop bullying", then if he does not listin run your fastest to get a teacher.
  • Never save a bully from getting a grouling because you will make them more better at bullying.   
  • Tell the truth if a bully is bullying you, never try to stop bullying by getting into a fight.
  • The most inportant use your brain if you see someone bullying. (common sense )