Thursday, 8 March 2018

What is School

School is a place where students go to share their learning and do work like Reading, Maths, and also Writing. School is a place where learning takes place. School helps in learning, fitness and your respect.

It is also a safe place where students can go when their parents or whoever is looking after them is at work.

Schools can have sports in it. It helps with getting all the fitness you need throughout the day. You also about being a good sportsperson at schools.

In schools students are put into classes. Classes depends on your year level. There is one teacher to each class and a teacher aide.

If you have no food, some schools can provide food for the day. Some schools also give free fruit to their students in the fruit boxes. There is also free milk available for students to drink after morning tea.

There are lots of stuff to do in school like a flow diagram in reading, taking photos of your learning, making videos and writing paragraphs in your writing then blogging it.

Schools can teach you how to play music using different instruments like guitars, recorders, piano and more.