Saturday, 28 January 2017

The last Friday of my holidays

On the last Friday in my holidays I went to Danny's house the first thing I asked to play with was his MPG scooter, he loved play on his MPG scooter, he had 2 scooters.
So after getting the scooters me and Danny went around the block 5 or 3 times and drink 3 big bottles. He loved playing with his scooter for hours and hours. 

We did bunny hops trick. When we finished doing that we scooted all the way to Danny's aunt house I did not stay long because my dad wanted me home to stay with my little brother.   

Thursday, 26 January 2017

The 26.01.2017 in the morning

On 26.01.2017 Danny came to my house.
Danny came in the morning. He had some breakfast I made the eggs for us and my mum made the toast.
After eating my mum left me and Danny home. Right after my mum drove off Danny mum came.
When she came in and saw the dishes then she yelled at me and Danny because we were going to go outside but she saw as run out, but she yelled at us "come back in here your not going anywhere if these dishes a still lying there", so me and Danny did the dishes, Next we wiped the table, sweeped the floor.
So that was it what happened in the morning

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

On Monday

On Monday I went for a walk with Danny, dad, me and Danny little brothers.
So we went to walk in the creek where Glenbrae school.
When we walked through the creek we saw a man come out of no were. He looked like he jumped over the school fence, we looked at the school well walking, there was A LOT of paint on the walls and I mean A lot.
But after we went to the park we play some tag but it wasn't that fun but I enjoyed for like 1 minute.
Me and Danny just looked after our little brothers. So that all what we did bye

Friday, 20 January 2017

Back at Onehunga Pools

Hi Guys, I went back at Onehunga pools.
If  you guys read my other blog about Onehunga pool with Danny, well this is a anther one with Danny again.
So we Drove in a van  with Danny family and me.
We made it there, we got the risk band for 3.6 M deep pool again like last time.
The first pool we went to was the one with the slide outside where it is cold.
After that we went in the deep pool 3.6 M, that was also outside cold.
Next we ate some food, I a sandwich and crackers, 2 yogurts.
When we finished eating and waiting me and Danny went back to the deep pool....
4 hours still playing in the same pool ate again but fish and chip, that was yum.
Then 3 hour playing in the same pool and the slide one if fun but my mum text I had to got so I got changed and went to get ICE CREAM on the way home.

Thursday, 19 January 2017

My family went to the park

Today I went to the park with my family.
On Friday I went to the park with my family and cousins. 
First we packed our stuff because we might go swimming at the beach.
We went to the mission bay park, we got there by van.
When we made it I ran all the way to the park, the park looked different because the slid was made of leaves and the roof.
The first game we played is called Tag, Tag is a game that if someone is it that need to tag you by giving them are touch. 
So anyways after playing we got tired, so we went home and that was it

Wednesday, 18 January 2017


Yesterday I went with my brother, mum and Danny his brother his mum to the park.
After driving to the park went out, got the scooter out of the van, then redid around the whole block there were lots of magpie so we had to watch out, but lucky there was some people with there dogs, the dogs like chasing  the magpie.

So after riding around the whole block with Danny.
Next we went to the shop and brote us some food, the food we got was fish and chips, came back to the park and ate it was delishs the food I wish I could eat the whole thing but I was half full but anyways I enjoyed. 

Monday, 16 January 2017

A little bit of information about my brother

My little brother name is Tini and his favourite toy he like playing with is a dinosaur, he like a stegosauruses dinosaur.
His favourite movie is Walking with dinosaurs. He likes me the most out of sisters. His favourite song is The real me. Favourite food is, biscuits, Chicken and chips.
That's it I think know about, Bye

Sunday, 15 January 2017

On Saturday

On Saturday my whole family went to my grandma and grandpa house.
We were going there to visit them and my aunties and cousins that were coming from Australia.
My aunties and cousins were not there yet because there were coming out late.
We made it to my grandma and grandpa house, we wait for a bit...
"Lets go get them now" said my grandpa. I could not go because  there was not enough space in the van.
Three aunties and two cousins. Six big bags.
2.00 in the afternoon when there went, 2 hours passed 3.00 getting late.
Finally they made it I herd my aunties talking, so I walked to them and hugged the keep say "wally look how you are your almost taller then me".
But we had to go home after hugging them. I don't know why we had to go home.
So that is it for today bye

Saturday, 14 January 2017

When I went to Onehunga Pools with Danny

Tuesday the 10th My whole family except my dad.
Me, sisters, brother and mum went to the Onehunga pools with Danny and his family but in our own car.
When we got there Noemi takes a photo of all of us, then we went in, after getting pad we saw the pools.
When I saw the pools I was surprised  because it was my first time their.
Image result for Onehunga pools deepThis pool over here is the one we went in to, 3.6 is how deep it goes. When I did my first go I thought I wouldn't make it but I did, when I jumped in the pool it was very deep only people who can swim is allowed to go in. So when I jumped in I looked up and I was going down then I  swam up before I was going to drown but lucky I made it.
One time me and Danny where swiming in the 3.6 deep  pool, we saw this drowning and the guards did not even see so Danny swam to save him and pushed the boy drowning to the wall and I got and pulled him up.
So that what happened over in Onehunga pools    

Friday, 13 January 2017

When I went to Danny house

One day I went to Danny house.
So I went in are van with my mum and my brother Tini.
When we got there at Danny house I did some pen flipping, pen flipping is just the same as bottle flips.

After pen flipping my mum wanted to talk to Noemi. Noemi is Danny mum.
Well they were talking my brother fell asleep so it ended up being a sleep over.
So my mum we back home to get some plangent's and cloths.
Well she went to get the plangent's for me and my brother.
I just watched TV by myself well Danny was on his I pad watching something else.
So that was all what happened When I went to Danny house