Thursday, 26 January 2017

The 26.01.2017 in the morning

On 26.01.2017 Danny came to my house.
Danny came in the morning. He had some breakfast I made the eggs for us and my mum made the toast.
After eating my mum left me and Danny home. Right after my mum drove off Danny mum came.
When she came in and saw the dishes then she yelled at me and Danny because we were going to go outside but she saw as run out, but she yelled at us "come back in here your not going anywhere if these dishes a still lying there", so me and Danny did the dishes, Next we wiped the table, sweeped the floor.
So that was it what happened in the morning

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  1. Hi Fasi,

    Thanks for sharing the details of your morning with us. It sounds like you and Danny did the right thing by cleaning the dishes, the table and the floor for your mom. I try to do the same thing at my house and Aronui (my son) is learning how to cook and clean up after himself. His favourite things to make are cupcakes and smoothies. We'll have to work on a slightly healthier and more diverse menu pretty soon!

    (Although I have to admit that the idea of eating cupcakes for breakfast, lunch and dinner sounds pretty good to me. What about you? Could you handle eating the same thing for every meal, even if it was a cupcake?)

    Hope that you're having a nice day today. Are you and Danny hanging out again together?