Thursday, 30 July 2015

happiness poem

     poem happiness
Happiness is yellow like the yellow sun radiating
Happiness feel like freedom like little bugs fly freely anywhere.
Happiness looks like the blue sky smiling down at you.
Happiness smells like summer flowers.

Happiness is a dream.           

Friday, 24 July 2015



the repetition of a consonant at the start of several adjacent words


referring to a well-known event or text


the repetition of a vowel at the start of several adjacent words

Blank verse

verse comprised of unrhymed lines in iambic pentameter


implied additional meaning or association with different meanings


the circumstances in which an event occurs


a poem composed as a lament for a deceased person


when a sentence flows on to the next line without clause or break (comma or full stop)


a mild or indirect way of saying something that is more severe is being implied


gross exaggeration


mental pictures created by colourful language features. Often uses similes and metaphors. Often used in poetry and song lyrics. Imagery allows the writer to show what he/she means instead of telling directly.
E.g. I took a walk around the world to
Ease my troubled mind
I left my body laying somewhere
In the sands of time.
I watched the world float to the dark side of the moon
I feel there is nothing I can do.
Kryptonite - Three Doors Down


the expression of meaning using words or phrases that imply the opposite


when one object, through comparison, becomes another


recurring theme or symbol


the word of a sound: "whoosh", "bang"

Pathetic fallacy

that attribution of human feelings or responses to inanimate things or animals


transforming a non-human object into a human through human qualities (mostly physical characteristics)


the way or view from which a person sees themselves, others and the world


an aim or goal


the poetic pace and flow created from a measure of balance and pattern within the language structure


repetition of the "s" sound


comparing two objects using "like" or "as"


a division of a poem, composed of two or more lines with common characteristics

Thursday, 23 July 2015

poem about the holidays

Write a poem about your holidays.
  1. What colour might represent the holidays?
  2. What does it taste like?
  3. smell like?
  4. Look like
  5. Sound like and
  6. Feel like?
Use adjectives (describing words) and metaphors and similes for each line.

3. Write a poem using the same formula as above. One line for each sense
Holidays are blue like the sky on a clear winter days.
The holiday feel like the wind is alive.
It is like freedom because it like you just came out of jail.
It taste like cold ice cream making pumped up in winter.
It looks like in rain a lot the rain looks like diamonds falling from the sky.
It sounds like the wind is talking to you.

The holiday is the best time for you to do something.

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Q Rabbits

Q Rabbits

I went to Q Rabbits on sunday 5th of July I went with my Mum and Dad ,two sister, Dora, Tauola and the last one my little brother Tini.

Me and my family went to Q Rabbits because it was Danny little cousin named Amira’s birthday
and they invited me and my family.  Me and Danny
are best friend’s. Some time’s I go to Danny’s house
and play with him and when I go to his house some time and when I’m at his house Amira is there but it doesn't mean I don’t play with Danny .

We went to Q Rabbit’s at 5.30  in  the evening.  
It was my first time going there.  When I went inside it was awesome, I saw the biggest bouncy
slide in the whole place it was so cool that I ran to  
bouncy slide and went up four times.  

There were so many things to play on, they also had a game place where you collect the balls in a basket then put them into the ball shooter.  After a while playing everybody had a feed.  I had pizza KFC a piece of pork.

After eating and having a break I went back to play at the playground it was so much fun. As it was getting late a man came around telling us it was time to because they were closing.  We went home and as we left we all said thank you and we got a party pack given to us it was cool.

The End

Saturday, 18 July 2015


On Saturday I went to the show call the Emperor's new clothes.   I went with my Mum,
Dad and sisters.  There were heaps of people there.  The first the show took a while
to start.  Then the show started there was this man on stage and he said to everybody
sing along making silly sounds. .Like what sound does a cow make then everybody went moo.   

Soon the show started with these two robbers, who looked like pirates. They said they wanted to be good.  They pretended to be tailors people that make clothes.  They heard that the Emperor was looking for some new clothes. The Emperor was kind of evil selfish because all he could think about was his owns clothes.  If the Emperor ran out of money he would call someone special to find the money for his clothes.

After the Emperor was dressed by the two robbers, he went to show everyone his new clothes and people were staring at him.  The Emperor did not have any clothes on but he believed he was wearing a nice beautiful outfit.  After awhile the Emperor had realized he was just wearing a singlet and his boxer shorts.  Then the Emperor started to cry and then his wife started to sing I was born this way, and to be happy with the way you are.

I felt like I was watching a cartoon movie, I enjoyed .


                                   The end

Today is Saturday I had no rugby game I was so happy to have a break. We have our monthly meeting for our rugby team at our coaches house Liz and James.  At 12.30pm together mates and parents  would meet to have a feed and hang out.

When everyone had arrived we started off with a Karakia which is a prayer.  Then the coaches said the team can have little time to play
a game we played a play fighting game, there were no girl’s
in my team so it was alright for me and my team to play wrestling.

After me and my team finished wrestling we also have the player of the month who gets a voucher of fifty dollars from Rebel sports. The player of the month was my teammate Jonathan, he was very happy when he received his prize, it was kind of funny because the coach said do a speech, Jonathan just said “Thank you.”

Next when everybody finished speaking especially my teammate named Viliami said a Maori prayer which is a Karakia. Then we all got up to dish our food, I ate pizza chicken, pink potato salad and one juice.  After that we all played for a bit, but then we had to leave because we had a show to go watch at ASB showgrounds.  I didn’t want to leave I was having so much fun with friends.

The end

Friday, 3 July 2015

Science week


It was week 10 of term 2, also Science week for Glenbrae students. All of the seniors rotated to different classes to learn different kinds of experiments. Lets get the week started.  

On monday we did science with Mrs Raj. So the first thing we did was naming water,ice and steam (States of matter). I can tell you what name you name them. Water is liquid,ice is solid and steam is gas and Water cycle. Mrs Raj made a cup of coffee and put a cup over the top of the cup that had the coffee inside of it. We waiting for five minutes then we removed the cup from the top of it. Inside the cup was little drops of water, called condensation. The droplets were from the steam that touched the top of the cup and made steam.

On Tuesday we did some more science with Mrs Parker. We were making
bread. The first thing we did was watch a picture and talk about it. We made bread. There were many ingredients, but I can’t name that much. After all the ingredients were added, we got into the kneading process. I didn’t get to do it, but I still watched them. They all had to push the dough down. When they had finished kneading, Mrs Card placed it into the oven for it to bake. Time went past then it was time to make butter. We made butter using cream and salt. What we had to do was put those two together and shake it until is was made into butter. We eat it with butter,and we made the butter by shaking it in the jrare.


Thursday, 2 July 2015

My Inquiry

Today Glenbrae school did presentations and my  presentation  is a secret messages ,you have to use the Semaphore flag alphabet so you know what the sentences are. The sentences was "Room seven is the best."
Semaphore flags were used when people are too far away to hear, and were how people communicated during war.
Some people got it right and some got it wrong. The silly stuff they wrote we just ripped it apart.

Here is Vainikolo presenting our code.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Reading week 9

Nana and the flower arranger by Janice Marriott SJ P2 N1 2008

Answer with full sentences
eg. Who is your teacher in Room 7?
Correct: Mrs Parker is my teacher in Room 7
Wrong: Mrs Parker

  1. How did Luke feel and act during the day of Nana’s funeral? (2 - 3 sentences) Share answer to blog.
  2. Luke feel very sad

  1. When did this event happen? Do not share this answer.
When nana was taken to the graveyard.

Many words in the writing tell us that this is past tense. That the story has already happened and is being retold.
  • Find 4 sentences with words that show you that this is past tense.
  • Bold the word which shows past tense.
  • Rewrite the sentence to make it present tense. (Happening here and now)
  • Share your completed table (Take a screenshot to put it on your blog.)

Past tense
Present tense
eg. Nana’s coffin went down, down into the ground
Nana’s coffin goes down, down into the ground.
Grandad had always
Grandad have always
Nana kept on her dressing table
Nana keep on her dressing table
Carefully dropped a spadeful of earth
Carefully drop a spadeful of earth
Someone held out to him
Someone hold out to him.

Share your answers and your venn diagram on your blog.