Saturday, 18 July 2015

Today is Saturday I had no rugby game I was so happy to have a break. We have our monthly meeting for our rugby team at our coaches house Liz and James.  At 12.30pm together mates and parents  would meet to have a feed and hang out.

When everyone had arrived we started off with a Karakia which is a prayer.  Then the coaches said the team can have little time to play
a game we played a play fighting game, there were no girl’s
in my team so it was alright for me and my team to play wrestling.

After me and my team finished wrestling we also have the player of the month who gets a voucher of fifty dollars from Rebel sports. The player of the month was my teammate Jonathan, he was very happy when he received his prize, it was kind of funny because the coach said do a speech, Jonathan just said “Thank you.”

Next when everybody finished speaking especially my teammate named Viliami said a Maori prayer which is a Karakia. Then we all got up to dish our food, I ate pizza chicken, pink potato salad and one juice.  After that we all played for a bit, but then we had to leave because we had a show to go watch at ASB showgrounds.  I didn’t want to leave I was having so much fun with friends.

The end


  1. Hi Fasi this is your first blogspot what you did in the holiday.

  2. didi you guys win your rugby game what was the scorer