Saturday, 18 July 2015


On Saturday I went to the show call the Emperor's new clothes.   I went with my Mum,
Dad and sisters.  There were heaps of people there.  The first the show took a while
to start.  Then the show started there was this man on stage and he said to everybody
sing along making silly sounds. .Like what sound does a cow make then everybody went moo.   

Soon the show started with these two robbers, who looked like pirates. They said they wanted to be good.  They pretended to be tailors people that make clothes.  They heard that the Emperor was looking for some new clothes. The Emperor was kind of evil selfish because all he could think about was his owns clothes.  If the Emperor ran out of money he would call someone special to find the money for his clothes.

After the Emperor was dressed by the two robbers, he went to show everyone his new clothes and people were staring at him.  The Emperor did not have any clothes on but he believed he was wearing a nice beautiful outfit.  After awhile the Emperor had realized he was just wearing a singlet and his boxer shorts.  Then the Emperor started to cry and then his wife started to sing I was born this way, and to be happy with the way you are.

I felt like I was watching a cartoon movie, I enjoyed .


                                   The end

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