Wednesday, 31 May 2017

How you can stop Bully's at school

  • So if you see a bully go get the teacher or go to the bully and say "stop bullying", then if he does not listin run your fastest to get a teacher.
  • Never save a bully from getting a grouling because you will make them more better at bullying.   
  • Tell the truth if a bully is bullying you, never try to stop bullying by getting into a fight.
  • The most inportant use your brain if you see someone bullying. (common sense )

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Egg challenge

On Monday 15th our class did an egg challenge, the challenge is to look after the egg by making a place that is safe to live. We make the house or something that will not make the egg move out of it's spot. There was five team's. Each team had to make something to keep the egg safe.
So all the team's started we made it with some equipment.
We decide to make a house for the egg. After making the house we tested it by dropping the house and seeing if the egg would drop lucky it did not we also shook it it still did not crack. We were proud when we finished

Monday, 1 May 2017

About what I read today

Today I read a book that is called (title):The lost boy, By Greg Ruth.
I read up to  31 pages.
It was about a boy that was lost, that had I recorder.
Those 31 pages was the introduction