Saturday, 14 January 2017

When I went to Onehunga Pools with Danny

Tuesday the 10th My whole family except my dad.
Me, sisters, brother and mum went to the Onehunga pools with Danny and his family but in our own car.
When we got there Noemi takes a photo of all of us, then we went in, after getting pad we saw the pools.
When I saw the pools I was surprised  because it was my first time their.
Image result for Onehunga pools deepThis pool over here is the one we went in to, 3.6 is how deep it goes. When I did my first go I thought I wouldn't make it but I did, when I jumped in the pool it was very deep only people who can swim is allowed to go in. So when I jumped in I looked up and I was going down then I  swam up before I was going to drown but lucky I made it.
One time me and Danny where swiming in the 3.6 deep  pool, we saw this drowning and the guards did not even see so Danny swam to save him and pushed the boy drowning to the wall and I got and pulled him up.
So that what happened over in Onehunga pools    


  1. Hi Fasi,

    It is so wonderful to see you blogging! I'm really glad you have got to spend some time with friends over the holidays. It sounds like you had a wonderful time at the pools - I hope the little boy was okay in the end!

  2. Wow, Fasi! This is quite a dramatic post. I am so impressed to read that you and Danny were able to save the life of a little boy who was drowning. That must have been really scary.

    I used to work as a lifeguard at a large pool in Canada and I had to do the same thing one day. A little boy had jumped into the deep end and he wasn't able to swim. I could see that he was sinking further and further under water so I had to jump in and save him. It was pretty frightening but we were able to bring him to safety and call his parents to come and get him. It took him awhile to build up the confidence to go back in the water but, eventually, he came back to the pool and took lessons to learn how to swim.

    Thanks for sharing your story with us, Fasi. I will have to be sure to congratulate Danny on his bravery the next time that I am at Glenbrae!

    Rachel :)

  3. Hi Fasi, I just read this and am so proud of you and Danny for not hesitating to go and help someone in need. Many people panic and freeze in situations like that, but you didn't. You both got to work and helped save that boy.

    Your family, friends, and teachers will all be so proud of you.

    Kia kaha,