Tuesday, 16 June 2015

fitness balloon game

fitness balloon game

On Monday we played a game called the balloon game.
e had to jog around the court two times, there was excitement.  How to play the balloon game, first you hold hands and then you make a circle, someone drops the balloon in the circle and you try to keep the balloon off the ground.

The boys played the game first then the girls went second but the girls didn’t just look at us playing, they had to jog around the court two times they looked tired
when I saw them jogging.

hen me and the boys were playing the game.The balloon went to Danny’s side then Danny jumped up and bumped the balloon with his head it went to my side and I jumped up and hit the balloon like Danny,then
it was the girls turn to have a go to play the game too.

Then we had to jog around the court two times like the girls the girls did the same thing like what the boys did  after the girls played the game we had to go class.

The End

Friday, 12 June 2015

Me too

WALT:  Use information in the text to explain understanding
SC: Disagree or agree with statements and use information from the text to support your ideas.

Me Too by Beverly Wood.  SJ P1 N4 2008. page.2

AGREE /DISAGREE Decide why you agree or disagree with these statements and explain why using information from what you read.

Lili’s grandparents are immigrants.
Lili’s grandma and grandpa moved from their home in China to NZ so that makes them chinese immigrants.  

It’s very easy to learn a new language.
because you can’t just learn language so fast you will take a long time

Lili was embarrassed of her grandparents after they visited her school.
because the kids must of learned lots of things

Grandparents have special things to share with us.
because they have done so much things

Create a visual timeline to show what the different grandparents shared as they visited throughout the day   TEMPLATE

  • For each day include the:
    • names of the child and grandparent, Lili,Jason,kiana,teacher,grandpa,grandma.
    • where they are from, china
    • what they shared a song
    • an image of what they shared or did. they shared instrument  
  • When you have finished remember to make your timeline look nice! (Colours, Fonts, Layout)

Thursday, 11 June 2015

long weeked

In the weekends I went to my rugby training, we had to bring our running shoes because the fields were closed so we had to run on the court, well my team where doing our 11 laps on the court. Lighting struck out of no where, but we couldn't here the and grandpa so I asked too, then my dad said yes. My dad said if you want to go to grandpa and grandma house open the gate and the car so I went to do that. My sister little baby

The made it to grandpa.Ii was the best day because we watch movies the movies we was the Gods must be So my coach just said keep jogging, when
we finished our 11 laps,  I thought we were still training
but we  finished training but lucky we finished because it started to rain.The next day on Sunday
I woke up early in the morning to go church, my grandma and grandpa go to my church too, but they came first because
they live closer to the church. We live far away and my
dad loves going church. Sometime we don't make it
to church because my little brother is sick but now he's not sick    
and that’s good. Then my sister said can we sleep over at grandma
brother and my mum and dad hopped into the car and went to grandpa and grandmas,but well we were going I saw gigantes crowd   I it looked like a tornado so I asked my mum look at that crowd it looks like a tornado and she said that's not a tornado.