Thursday, 28 June 2018

The Dark world

One weird night I wake up and look out my window and see a man standing randomly on the dark quiet street. So I decide to walk down stairs, open the door to see if the man is ok, but by the time I open the door, the man is next to a puddle then I ran to the man and yell out to the man “ARE YOU OK”, then the man whispers “no” then he jumps through the puddle into this dark world.

I just look down at the puddle and jump on it, but I never went through it I just splashed the water everywhere. So I ran as fast as I can back to the house and slam the door, then ran back up stairs to my room  and force myself to sleep.

The next day I wake up and walk down stairs to the kitchen and cook myself some breakfast. I realised  that the bread is finished. So I drive to the shop to get some bread. When I make it to the bread section I look at the window and see the man who was the street last night and smiles at me and says “jump into the puddle tonight. Then I freaked out and drove back home and waited till the night.

After I waited I looked out my window and saw`the man then he whispered on phone “jump down here”, then he jumped into the puddle so I popped on my shoes, jacket and ran down stairs opened the door and ran to the puddle and then jumped as high as I could and fell  through the puddle and saw nothing but darkness I said “where am l” then he said “this is YOUR World now, this is the dark world where one million people died and suffered”. (to be continued)

Friday, 22 June 2018

Argument Writing. Fenchurch Liquor store.

Dear Morris

Talofa my name is Fasi and I am a student at Glenbrae School. I am writing this letter about your liquor store which I believe is a problem for the community.

My opinion is to close down the Fenchurch Liquor store because it is beginning to be a problem in the Glen Innes community. Tamaki College students are always around your store and they could be coming to buy alcohol. The students can use their lunch money to buy alcohol instead of buying food. When college students drink, they will not be able to focus on their learning.

The Fenchurch Liquor store should be shut down from Taniwha street because people will come and buy a whole box for themself and drink it on the street. When these people get drunk they will be causing arguments and fights on the streets. I believe not all your customers are sensible drinkers.

The store is also right next to family homes. Because it is so close to homes adults will be able to keep buying alcohol and becoming more drunk. The families will also be spending a lot of money on drinking and not on the food for kids.

Morris I hope you think about these arguments and think of the community which we live in.

Yours sincerely