Wednesday, 2 September 2015

James best time at the Mall

One day there was a boys birthday, the boy name was James he is turning eight.
He came with his Mum and Dad,James Dad and Mum said “we are going to the Mall
because it is my son birthday” Mum said “ok I will go get James from his room”.
Mum got James, when James Mum told him about the mall James said “this is the best time of my life I have always wanted to go there !”. Then they drived to the
Mall, when they made it to the Mall, James said “this is so fun and exciting!”.
They walked inside the Mall was James friend, there was a big cake with chocolate,
they wirted with cream the number 8.

James did not know someone was after him, the one who was after him was Death
man because he kills people who come at the mall, he is like a spy but killing
is the thing, he lives in the mall but no one knows him because he changes himself
into a normal person.  His name is Death man because he came out of the ground
dead but a little bit like a zombie.  James said to himself “what going to happen maybe will I get lost when I'm trying to find Mum and Dad “.

When it was time to eat Death man finally came,  Death man came he looked like he was of the party, James said to himself do I know that man,  its the Death man
then James yelled out to everyone “ people the Death man is here run for your life “
everyone ran for they life. But Death man was only after one person James,
James went to find his mum, James said to himself please don’t die, I need to find
my mum and dad.  The mum and dad looked for James then dad and mum saw mum called the cops, Death man was standing next to mum he was going kill James but the cops shot
Death man with a shotgun.  Then mum, dad and James went home safely.

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