Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Why Glenbrae is the best school

Glenbrae School is the best because we do sport, maths and there are digital learners.

Sport is one of my favorite things at Glenbrae School. We like doing sport because we like to keep fit at School. We need to be fit because we get faster at running and sometimes we get smarter. Sports we do running, athletics, rugby league and soccer.

Maths is cool because when we try to do hard maths and know smart strategies. Maths is one of my favourite things to work on, I learn the most when I do maths. Maths is the best for me.

I like this school because we have digital learners, and we have netbook
for doing our work, we have our room Seven blog and all of us have our own
blog, we use it our blog to post up good things we have done.

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