Thursday, 26 July 2018

Maths Work

Maths Work

Today we did maths on a problem solving book.
I enjoyed maths because the problems where hard causing me to think and focus more on my work.
I also enjoyed the different ways how you could solve it.

Wednesday, 11 July 2018


On Sunday my family and I went to church and my Grandparents house. In the morning I got dressed for church and the rest of the family.  Then we left home and we drove to our church near the city.  After Church we went to my grandparents house.  When we got to my  Grandma and Grandpa house we said hello and gave them a great big hug.  We helped prepare breakfast, with my Grandma.  My Dad was talking to my Grandpa asking what did they do during the week.  When the food was ready we all sat down and had breakfast.  After breakfast we cleared the table and I went to watch tv with my Grandpa, dad and little brother.  The movie we watched was called Noah, about God who sends a flood to wash all the bad things in the world and tells Noah to build an Ark. An Ark is like a huge boat Noah built to save all the animals and some people. My Grandma and mum were cooking in the kitchen.  When the food was ready we all had lunch together.  After lunch we helped clear the dishes, we got ready to go back home.   We came home and it was dark and we had a rest.