Tuesday, 19 December 2017

SLJ Week 1, Day 1

Three facts about Maui

1. Maui was not a God his whole life. He was learning to be a fisherman like his brother

2.  Maui's brothers thought he was too weak to be a good fisherman

3. Maui fished the north island up from his boat.

I know that Maui fished the sun.

Friday, 17 November 2017

My Animated Story

This is my animated digitech story about labour
I used code in scratch to develop this story

Friday, 27 October 2017

DigiTech- Animated Story Presentation

            This presentation in going to help me to create a animated story use codes.
This abby and Devin presentation includes instruction and screen shots about how to create an
Animated story on scratch.

Sunday, 27 August 2017


Wednesday at camp I went Kayaking I've never kayaked before so I was excited, ( I was in Group 3 ) the kid's I was going with was Alex, Salesi, Luisa, Stephen, Salote, Alisi, Linda. When we arrived we had a instructor the was 7 boat's 3 yellow boats, 2 red ones and 2 orange boat's.
I went in one of the yellow one's. We went to kayak now we on the sea there was this flouting boy so we all kayaked to the boy so first people there hold it then the rest join in by holding the other person's boat. so we went to the other boy it took us less time to make it to the other boy. The we did the same thing with the platform. After we played a game called ball tag but on kayaking boat.
So we played were the wharf was for about 10 minutes. Next we played this other game next to the rock or the beach, we played a game were we all bunch up together and 2 people stand up and walk on the other person boat and walk's all the way to the last persons boat and back to there own boat. We played that for 15 minutes or more and then kayaked back to shore.


Thursday, 17 August 2017

MnM's fraction

Today we did fraction we had sixteen until we ate our less favourite MaM's.  Here are some of the fractions we did.
                                             This show's half of 16 and that answer is 8.

                                                     The second one show's 1/4 of 16 is 4

                                       The one next to the second one show's 1/5 of 15.          

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

AJ and Fasi Procedural Writing 2

We are learning to create complete sentences that contain detail.
Introduction: scones is a traditional british bread made by british people it is used for a tea party but there are rules  about how to use tea and how to use scones.

You want to get the write material and ingredients if you get the wrong materials / ingredients that means your house might go up in flames or your scone that you made is gonna taste bad that is why you get the right ingredients, materials and how much you put in your bowl.

  • Plain flour (for dusting)
  • 3 cups of self raising flour  
  • 80g of butter chilled
  • Milk 1-1  ¼   
  • Jam and whipped cream to serve
  • Put it in the oven for 20-25 minutes

First use the 3 cups of self-raising flour and put it in a large bowl.
Next put in 80g of chilled butter.
Then put in 1-1 ¼ cups of milk and pour it in the center of the mixing bowl then start mixing so it turns into dough.
Then put the dough on a floured tray or bench and flatten it out and cut the scones out of it.
Put the scones on a baking tray and into the oven at 200 degrees celsius for 20 -25 minutes.
Finally serve it with jam and cream.

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Grease by Auckland Girls Grammar School

In Grease there is a girl called Sandy and a boy called Danny, Sandy and Danny meet on the beach but then Sandy felt something was wrong so then they went away from each other. So one day Danny went to the high school he'd been there for his whole life, he was one of the popular people at his school, then came along the girl he meet who went to the same school! Things weren't the same as they had been at summer.

My favorite part of the play was when they sang grease lightning. I would recommend this play, the actors were pretty good and they had a lot of confidence. They just need to sort out the sound because the microphones were not the right volume.

Friday, 11 August 2017

How to make Takakau

How to make Takakau
We are learning to follow the structure of a procedural text.

Introduction: Takakau is a maori bread that was first made when the Europeans came to New Zealand and they brought flour to the country. You use butter and syrup to soften it or you can have it with a boil up.

This is all the stuff you need to make maori bread.
Takakau Ingredients

1 teaspoon salt (to your taste)
2 cups flour
2 teaspoon baking powder (optional)
100 ml milk or water

  • First Sift all the dry ingredient including flour, baking powder and salt
  • Then pour in the milk slowly until is doughy (texture)
  • Once you have finished put the dough onto a pan and sprinkle flour onto it.
  • After that knead it and make in flat
  • Then cook until golden brown in an oven at 200 degrees Celsius. :3

He Inu Māu?

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

A little bit of stuff I learnt to day

  • I learnt not to rush my work and learnt how to do fractions. 
  • I learnt not to play in the rain, to respect others.

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

New Goal's

  • My new goal is to manage myself and listen to any teacher
  • Focus on my work and finish in time and when I have time don't waste it by playing games
  • Don't play around when someone is doing something important or dangerous 
  • Respect others and make better choices, don't follow people's bad behaviour.

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Day 1: 100% PURE New Zealand

3.jpgActivity 1:  Go to the Tourism New Zealand website and click on the ‘Facts - New Zealand People’ tab. Read about the people of New Zealand and then choose three interesting facts to post on your blog. The facts must be written in your own words. Do not simply copy and paste the facts from the website☺.

C:\Users\rwil313\Desktop\NZ Map - Schematic.png

Three interesting facts

  • The Maori had sailed the seas, from Hawaiki searching for new land,soon  finding New Zealand. Maori are very similar to other polynesian cultures like Tahiti and the Cook Islands.

  • One New Zealand Demigod, is Maui. Maui the Demigod is famous for many things. He had taught humans the useful arts and had pulled the sun in making the days longer, but he is mostly famous for fishing up the North Island.

  • To catch the Huge Fish, now known as the North Island, he had used a hook the he had made secretly using a magical ancestral jawbone, pulling the fish up with help from his brothers.

Tuesday, 4 July 2017


Matariki is the new year for the maori people, matariki is also known as the 7 sister and the mother surrounding there six. Matariki is invisible until the next June. In English people call matariki pleiades.
During Matariki Maori people celebrate the Maori new years, maori dance with their friend and family when matariki When Ranginui, the sky father, and Papatūānuku, the earth mother, were separated by their children the god of wind, Tāwhirimātea, became angry, tearing out his eyes and hurling them into the heavens.

Matariki has two meanings, both of which refer to the cluster of stars. Mata Riki means Tiny Eyes, and Mata Ariki means Eyes of God.
Some people celebrate new years when the new moon rises and other people celebrate new year after the new moon. In Samoa it’s called matali’e.

Friday, 30 June 2017

Tech at Tamaki Collage Term 1

Term one 2017 I went to Tamaki collage to do tech, I was doing art.
So when Mrs Teller phoney came to start. She said to get a paper and draw, she also said to 
draw 4 lines anyway so you can draw in the five shapes. (Look at the picture to see what drawed)
I wrote Samoa the opposite way because when you print in will look like it say Samoa how it its meant to be.
So the was the first day at tech.

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

At School

Today I went to school in the morning, I played some rugby for 20 minutes then the bell rang.
All the kids went back to class, We did Test's until it was morning tea we did our spelling test and our writing test. So when I played rugby again with my friend's, it was funny until the bell rang, I do the milk by giving how much milk a class need's. Me and Aj do give out the milk to the kid's.
When Me and Aj came back to class we got out our book so we can read.
A few hours later it was lunch time.

We just keep playing rugby the whole day but it was fun. The bell rang lunch time over
So the teacher was sorting out a problem then other teacher came to get me and our group to learn how to take your time and say nothing is hard, it was a group the goes to draw's by joining dot's to make a shape. After that it was home time.

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Going to school sick

On Monday 19 I went to school sick and it didn't feel good. So on Monday morning I woke up and felt a little sick so I got ready for school, when I made it to school I played some soccer with my friend's.
Well I was playing I thought I would get better. The bell rang I went back to class and felt bad, a few hours later I got an fever Mrs Stone said told me to go to the sick bay but said im ok.
After lunch time I had a bad fever, but I still stayed in the class room. I just sat down until it was home time and that was my Sick day at school

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Te reo colours

Today room 8 learnt colours in moari and here me and Aj work

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

How you can stop Bully's at school

  • So if you see a bully go get the teacher or go to the bully and say "stop bullying", then if he does not listin run your fastest to get a teacher.
  • Never save a bully from getting a grouling because you will make them more better at bullying.   
  • Tell the truth if a bully is bullying you, never try to stop bullying by getting into a fight.
  • The most inportant use your brain if you see someone bullying. (common sense )

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Egg challenge

On Monday 15th our class did an egg challenge, the challenge is to look after the egg by making a place that is safe to live. We make the house or something that will not make the egg move out of it's spot. There was five team's. Each team had to make something to keep the egg safe.
So all the team's started we made it with some equipment.
We decide to make a house for the egg. After making the house we tested it by dropping the house and seeing if the egg would drop lucky it did not we also shook it it still did not crack. We were proud when we finished

Monday, 1 May 2017

About what I read today

Today I read a book that is called (title):The lost boy, By Greg Ruth.
I read up to  31 pages.
It was about a boy that was lost, that had I recorder.
Those 31 pages was the introduction

Friday, 28 April 2017

At my grandparents house

 I work in the morning and got changed straight away because of my mum had to go work, so when me and my brother ,Tini got changed we went to my grandparent house in a Van.
When we got there I went to hug my grandparent's and say hi to my cousin and sister's because they sleeped over. After I ate breakfast with my family, I helped my grandpa hang out the washing.
That was all they really because they went and that was really it.

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

A little bit of what I want to learn about next term

Everything that I would like to learn next term.
I would like to learn next term about dinosaurs, the only thing I mostly want to learn about the dinosaurs is the skin colour they were. The other stuff I want to learn about the dinosaur is did the earth  really get hit by an asteroid and is that what killed them all.

The bush walk

Monday 24th April I went with my family to the bush, we went in a van.
It start off when my dad said "we are going to the bush" No one like's to go to the bush. Only Tini my brother and my dad. We went to pick up my mum from work. After we picked her up we drove to the bush. We prang some bread for the ducks and pukeko, next we started walking I just like to smell the nice air and feel the breeze from the wind, it just feel's so nice until I got out of the tree shadow's and went into the sun light I felt like I was in the middle of a desert.
We walked we beach was because was an beach next to the bush'es.
We sat down for a little bit then walked again I little brother Tini had a sow leg so I put him on my shoulder. I walked with back all the way back to the car. I was just worried I might get short.
But I'm ok. Then went back home and I went to sleep.

Friday, 21 April 2017

I miss school

I miss school because of when I learn by myself I feel like I'm not learn anything.
It feel boring at home, when I play outside it's still boring. Sometime's I think about going school and wonder what I will learn new next term. I try not worry about school and think about other stuff like, "going to the pool's" or "seeing my Nan again", but school keeps popping up in my head, so here I'm blogging this because of how much I miss school.

Monday, 17 April 2017

The First day of the Holidays

Today Monday 17 I went to my Nan to say good bye to her because she passed away.
We went in a Van.
When we got there we had to use a lava lava.
It was just me and my brother that did not have one on, my dad was using it, we went inside and said hello to all the family members, we came late so we already got food. After we played bottle flips because that was the only game that was fun to play, we played and played until I got angry because of I lost, then I did not give my bottle so they could not play anymore. So we sat down for a few hours because of my dad had lots of talks with other family members on his side until the time came, we went to kiss my Nan on the head goodbye I tried not to cry. (but too bad I cried) We went and that was it. 

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Going to Glenbrae kid

Today my class went to Glenbrae kid where all the little kid that will be coming to Glenbrae school.
We went there and read them book or play with them,  I was with a little boy that was about 3 year old, he just wanted to play with so I played with him, he I just saw him playing by himself until I came with him. I had lots fun with, I made him new stuff to play with.

Monday, 10 April 2017

A little bit of some stuff you can do to stop pollution

  • You can help stop air pollution by waking to school or work, ride on a bike.
  • Tell people to help stop polluting air by doing these stuff.
  • Go in one bus rather then lots of people riding around in there own cars.

Stop and think

Stop and think about this

Thursday, 6 April 2017

Ad for adults

This is my primo milk ad for adults to buy I made three other ads for babies, teens, and this one but the two other ones could not save only this on.

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

happy new year summary

Happy new year          
The book is about a family that went to an island they had fun there and they had BBQ and the dad was worried about the bushes that were gonna be on fire so they had lot’s of hugs and dancing but then they realized that there was a fire on the island and all the families went back on the boat and left the island  

By AJ and Fasi

Thursday, 30 March 2017

Continue of Monday 20th March

It was morning tea, we got out our lunch and started to eat, next I played rugby up on the field
the game started. Then the game started. Stanley had the rugby ball he ran I was in Mahoney's team.
Stanley ran fast as he could he got the try it was my team's kick(meaning  my team had to kick the ball).
They kicked the ball. It was a knock on for Stanley team so they kicked the ball back to us luckily Simenon catches the ball, he run and makes the try. The game continued and I did not even get the ball ones, the finishing bell rang. I did the milk because I was the milk monitor. Next I went to class and gave out the milk.
We learnt maths after the lunch time came along and that was when everything started to go well.

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

After the spill

After the spill
The book is about an oil spill that has fallen of the boat and has been in the ocean for 3 weeks. When the divers was in the ocean they helped with the cleaning they cleaned of oil from 409 birds. They collected and disposed of 2410 dead birds of which 1448 had oil on them.

The spill placed in tauranga bay that’s where it happened the local iwi  and scientists were working together they were working together because they are both smart and if they put their minds together they will know what has happened.    

The scientist collected data from thousands of samples, Polycyclic, aromatic, hydrocarbons.

By AJ and Fasi

Friday, 24 March 2017

Waiwhetu Marae

This is what I think ?


We can help by telling people to use a bus than everyone in there own cars.
For example if lots of people went to one bus or lots of people going in there own car.
Look after the seawater by telling people to not throw their rubbish in the sea, tell the people who go on boat that run by gas to go on a boat that does not run on gas but run by people.
Do not cut down trees because there will not be enough air if they cut more than 1 billion.
Learning about what is causing air pollution. (Read to get the answers)

What is causing air pollution ?
Cow fart, factories, cars, bus, trucks, and all of those other stuff. What is better to use than cars, bus, trucks ?
We should walk or use  a bike to ride in.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Monday 20th March

On Monday 20th March I had an bad day.
At the Start, I woke up nice in the morning, until my mum opened the door and started saying, GET UP GET UP YOUR LATE FOR SCHOOL !!!.
After I went to school in a van. We made it there at the right time because when we got there the bell just rang.
I walked in class ever one was doing work and no one even said hi, I did my reading activity, I asked my teacher if I could do the other reading activity, but she said "carry on with the other reading activity you have not finished" I did not want to do it but, I still did it.
It looked very hard but when I just put my mind into it and focused on it, I thought I would be one of the first to finished (neck minute) but no it was not me it was these other smarter kids (In my way), "well" in my mind to bad. Next my class went outside for fitness,  that was the best out of the whole day for me.
So we lined up and then walked up to the field. Trent or Alex were holding the ball on the way.
Up on the field.

Alex put he ball down for us to start the scorer game, it started, when it started my heart started to pumb faster and my blood flowed though me fast, The ball was kicked in front of me I ran with the ball and almost made it but I deiced to past it to other player.
We played like that for 10 minutes. We came back to class in a line some kid's went for a drink of water.
(Back in class) We started on with our writing, we had to solve the written story.
I tried to work out it but it was just to noisy and I keep talking and then get back to work, start talking again, get back to work, talk, work, talk, work talk. It was like if one friend is saying get back to work and the other friend is trying to make me talk with him.

Then morning tea came alone I played rugby with all the year 6 and 7, not even one time I got the ball, all of them were like "YA,Ya,YA,SHAM ONLY OUR TEAM WON, NO OUR TEAM BECAUSE WE GOT THE LAST TRY"!!!.
Then the bell rang.

                          TO BE CONTINUE 

Sunday, 19 March 2017

At Lance Birthday Party

On Sunday 19th March I went to my little brother friend's birthday named Lance.

I went with my mum and Tini to Lance birthday, he was have his birthday party at Gravity Trampoline.

When we made it there in are car we saw it, when I saw it I was already having fun there, we had to stay for an hour because of that is when the birthday is finished.

So all I did was play with ball and do some shots because there was a basketball hoop where the trampoline is. Then I played with my brother Tini, but basically looking after him that hole time, so that what I did over there at Gravity Trampoline 

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Cybersmart - Copy right

The_Earth_seen_from_Apollo_17.jpg (3000×3002)
Apollo 17, 1972

Today we learnt how to reference images. We need to include the authors name, date and a link to the image. The image also needs to be labeled for reuse.

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Tagul Reading

In reading we learnt identity. This is a Tagul that shows you about my identity.

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Poster or Pollution

Don't Pollute the Water it is bad for the Environment. put the right rubbish in the right bin and recycle and if you see rubbish near the drain pick it up and put it in the rubbish bin. 

Sunday, 5 March 2017

At Church

Today I woke up got ready to go church.
After getting ready to go we went in a van just me and my dad, it was new a church to me because it was my first time going there, anyways when we made it. It was very long I fell a sleep over there 😪.
But all I did there was sit and sand when its time to sing the songs.
Well it is a church so I need to sand and sit when im sing the songs.
That it I did at Church.😁😀

On Saturday

On Saturday I went for a walk with two friends.

Today after coming from the point England school I saw my friend Simeon walking through the alleyway when we drove passed I waved at him and he waved back. The alleyway was close to my house so I just walked there. When I walked there he asked if I want to go with him, so I told him to wait at the end of the alleyway because I was going to ask my dad, I ask my dad if I can go with my friend, he said "only if they drop you back home" so the was a yes because they were going to drop me home.

So first we went to pick up sale, then we to the fenchruch to get some hot chips.
We went to Alex house to see if he want to come walk with us, but they were just getting ready to go to the airport. Next we went to loto house, only the little brother and the grandparents were there.
So we just went to the park, they were going to drop me off but my family already came to the park with the car and went with me home, and that was it.

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Bird feeders

Today we made bird feeders as part of our wastewise lesson. We have been learning to reuse, reduce and recycle. We reused the bottles to feed the birds. Then we will recycle them once the birds are finished.

How did we created them?
So we got one big bottle with no water. Then when you got the bottle you get a ice cream stick and poke a hole in it and leave the two sticks in it.
When you have done that paint the bottle how ever you like to attract the birds...
After open the bottle lid and pour seeds into it, then you put some strings and hang it on a tree.

Monday, 20 February 2017

I don't like getting Hair cut

Today I had a hair cut.
If you guys didn't know, I hate getting my hair cut. Why you ask? Because I get lots of hair cuts after 3 or 4 weeks. If you were me, you would hate getting hair cuts.
I also don't like getting hair cuts because my dad takes so long doing it.
So that is why I don't like getting hair cuts.

Monday, 13 February 2017

At the bush and beach

Monday the 13th of February 2017 me and my family went to the bush. 
When we went to the bush we all feed the ducks.
The duck looked very hungry as if they had no food for days, but lucky we came to feed them.
After feeding the ducks we went for a walk. We walked around the block. 
Well I was walking through the bush I breathed in the air it felt like I was drinking a whole glass of cold water.
When that was done went to becasue the beach was right next to the bush.
So we walked through the beach my sister Dora had no shoes on, we saw this big big block of mud was in the ground so my sister walked it because if we walk back we will take even longer to walk to the car, so when Dora stepped into it her leg sunk into the ground but not her whole leg just half.
Luckily we made out of the mud with out getting stuck. So we walked back to the car, and drove back home.

Friday, 3 February 2017

About Me

My name is Fasi I am a Samoa and I was born in New Zealand but fully Samoa by my mum and dad.   I am a year 7 and my year just started but I miss my olden days like when I first started this school, I love my family they are my life and thanks to them I'm at Glenbrae school. I also want to thank all those teachers and other who helped me in my learning, giving me homework everyday. My favorite subject it maths.
My favorite food butter chicken and egg sandwich.  

Thanks to Moses this is where I got my inspiration
Talofa Lava

My name is Moses and I am Samoan. I was born in Melbourne Australia, but raised in New Zealand basically my whole life. I love my family, they are my world. I am currently a year 8 student, this year is my last year at Glenbrae School. I have lot of memories and friendships, I'm going to miss it all. I really enjoy learning and playing all kinds of sports. My favorite subjects are Reading, Writing and Maths. I like eating homemade food as well as takeaways. I want to be the best I can be this year, to be a better role model and to respect others more.

My Infographic

 Today we learning about Infographics

Saturday, 28 January 2017

The last Friday of my holidays

On the last Friday in my holidays I went to Danny's house the first thing I asked to play with was his MPG scooter, he loved play on his MPG scooter, he had 2 scooters.
So after getting the scooters me and Danny went around the block 5 or 3 times and drink 3 big bottles. He loved playing with his scooter for hours and hours. 

We did bunny hops trick. When we finished doing that we scooted all the way to Danny's aunt house I did not stay long because my dad wanted me home to stay with my little brother.   

Thursday, 26 January 2017

The 26.01.2017 in the morning

On 26.01.2017 Danny came to my house.
Danny came in the morning. He had some breakfast I made the eggs for us and my mum made the toast.
After eating my mum left me and Danny home. Right after my mum drove off Danny mum came.
When she came in and saw the dishes then she yelled at me and Danny because we were going to go outside but she saw as run out, but she yelled at us "come back in here your not going anywhere if these dishes a still lying there", so me and Danny did the dishes, Next we wiped the table, sweeped the floor.
So that was it what happened in the morning

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

On Monday

On Monday I went for a walk with Danny, dad, me and Danny little brothers.
So we went to walk in the creek where Glenbrae school.
When we walked through the creek we saw a man come out of no were. He looked like he jumped over the school fence, we looked at the school well walking, there was A LOT of paint on the walls and I mean A lot.
But after we went to the park we play some tag but it wasn't that fun but I enjoyed for like 1 minute.
Me and Danny just looked after our little brothers. So that all what we did bye

Friday, 20 January 2017

Back at Onehunga Pools

Hi Guys, I went back at Onehunga pools.
If  you guys read my other blog about Onehunga pool with Danny, well this is a anther one with Danny again.
So we Drove in a van  with Danny family and me.
We made it there, we got the risk band for 3.6 M deep pool again like last time.
The first pool we went to was the one with the slide outside where it is cold.
After that we went in the deep pool 3.6 M, that was also outside cold.
Next we ate some food, I a sandwich and crackers, 2 yogurts.
When we finished eating and waiting me and Danny went back to the deep pool....
4 hours still playing in the same pool ate again but fish and chip, that was yum.
Then 3 hour playing in the same pool and the slide one if fun but my mum text I had to got so I got changed and went to get ICE CREAM on the way home.

Thursday, 19 January 2017

My family went to the park

Today I went to the park with my family.
On Friday I went to the park with my family and cousins. 
First we packed our stuff because we might go swimming at the beach.
We went to the mission bay park, we got there by van.
When we made it I ran all the way to the park, the park looked different because the slid was made of leaves and the roof.
The first game we played is called Tag, Tag is a game that if someone is it that need to tag you by giving them are touch. 
So anyways after playing we got tired, so we went home and that was it

Wednesday, 18 January 2017


Yesterday I went with my brother, mum and Danny his brother his mum to the park.
After driving to the park went out, got the scooter out of the van, then redid around the whole block there were lots of magpie so we had to watch out, but lucky there was some people with there dogs, the dogs like chasing  the magpie.

So after riding around the whole block with Danny.
Next we went to the shop and brote us some food, the food we got was fish and chips, came back to the park and ate it was delishs the food I wish I could eat the whole thing but I was half full but anyways I enjoyed. 

Monday, 16 January 2017

A little bit of information about my brother

My little brother name is Tini and his favourite toy he like playing with is a dinosaur, he like a stegosauruses dinosaur.
His favourite movie is Walking with dinosaurs. He likes me the most out of sisters. His favourite song is The real me. Favourite food is, biscuits, Chicken and chips.
That's it I think know about, Bye

Sunday, 15 January 2017

On Saturday

On Saturday my whole family went to my grandma and grandpa house.
We were going there to visit them and my aunties and cousins that were coming from Australia.
My aunties and cousins were not there yet because there were coming out late.
We made it to my grandma and grandpa house, we wait for a bit...
"Lets go get them now" said my grandpa. I could not go because  there was not enough space in the van.
Three aunties and two cousins. Six big bags.
2.00 in the afternoon when there went, 2 hours passed 3.00 getting late.
Finally they made it I herd my aunties talking, so I walked to them and hugged the keep say "wally look how you are your almost taller then me".
But we had to go home after hugging them. I don't know why we had to go home.
So that is it for today bye

Saturday, 14 January 2017

When I went to Onehunga Pools with Danny

Tuesday the 10th My whole family except my dad.
Me, sisters, brother and mum went to the Onehunga pools with Danny and his family but in our own car.
When we got there Noemi takes a photo of all of us, then we went in, after getting pad we saw the pools.
When I saw the pools I was surprised  because it was my first time their.
Image result for Onehunga pools deepThis pool over here is the one we went in to, 3.6 is how deep it goes. When I did my first go I thought I wouldn't make it but I did, when I jumped in the pool it was very deep only people who can swim is allowed to go in. So when I jumped in I looked up and I was going down then I  swam up before I was going to drown but lucky I made it.
One time me and Danny where swiming in the 3.6 deep  pool, we saw this drowning and the guards did not even see so Danny swam to save him and pushed the boy drowning to the wall and I got and pulled him up.
So that what happened over in Onehunga pools    

Friday, 13 January 2017

When I went to Danny house

One day I went to Danny house.
So I went in are van with my mum and my brother Tini.
When we got there at Danny house I did some pen flipping, pen flipping is just the same as bottle flips.

After pen flipping my mum wanted to talk to Noemi. Noemi is Danny mum.
Well they were talking my brother fell asleep so it ended up being a sleep over.
So my mum we back home to get some plangent's and cloths.
Well she went to get the plangent's for me and my brother.
I just watched TV by myself well Danny was on his I pad watching something else.
So that was all what happened When I went to Danny house