Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Day 1: 100% PURE New Zealand

3.jpgActivity 1:  Go to the Tourism New Zealand website and click on the ‘Facts - New Zealand People’ tab. Read about the people of New Zealand and then choose three interesting facts to post on your blog. The facts must be written in your own words. Do not simply copy and paste the facts from the website☺.

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Three interesting facts

  • The Maori had sailed the seas, from Hawaiki searching for new land,soon  finding New Zealand. Maori are very similar to other polynesian cultures like Tahiti and the Cook Islands.

  • One New Zealand Demigod, is Maui. Maui the Demigod is famous for many things. He had taught humans the useful arts and had pulled the sun in making the days longer, but he is mostly famous for fishing up the North Island.

  • To catch the Huge Fish, now known as the North Island, he had used a hook the he had made secretly using a magical ancestral jawbone, pulling the fish up with help from his brothers.


  1. Hi Fasi,

    It is wonderful to see you blogging! You have picked three very interesting facts about New Zealand, it is great to see that the first is related to our learning last term. What is your favourite thing about New Zealand?

  2. Hi my name is Satyn Pearl. I like your 3 interesting facts. I like your second fact because it told me a lot. Have you thought about putting a little blurb up top to show people what your DLO is about? Any ways, besides that you have a cool blog and I hope when I look at your blog again you post something new so i can go check it out.
    Feel free to check out my blog at any time.

  3. Kia ora Fasi, my name is Leilani and I am a Year 7 student from Kawakawa Primary School. I liked your infomation on here. I didn’t know that Maori were origonaly from Hawaiki so it was good to learn. Another thing That I liked was that you included your learning intention. One thing you could work on is to add one or two more facts into it, but other than that it was a great post. If you want, come visit my blog at cya.

  4. Hi Fasi my name is Otulea From Kawakawa Primary School I really like your choice of country New Zealand is one of the best country`s ever because there is nothing really poisines come check out my blog here it is BYE.