Sunday, 15 January 2017

On Saturday

On Saturday my whole family went to my grandma and grandpa house.
We were going there to visit them and my aunties and cousins that were coming from Australia.
My aunties and cousins were not there yet because there were coming out late.
We made it to my grandma and grandpa house, we wait for a bit...
"Lets go get them now" said my grandpa. I could not go because  there was not enough space in the van.
Three aunties and two cousins. Six big bags.
2.00 in the afternoon when there went, 2 hours passed 3.00 getting late.
Finally they made it I herd my aunties talking, so I walked to them and hugged the keep say "wally look how you are your almost taller then me".
But we had to go home after hugging them. I don't know why we had to go home.
So that is it for today bye


  1. Hi Fasi,

    It sounds like you had a lovely time with your family on Saturday! How long had it been since you had last seen your cousins?

  2. Hi Fasi,

    Thanks for sharing the details of your day with us on your blog. It's great to see that you're practicing your writing this summer. Awesome work!

    From your blog, it sounds like you had a long day of waiting around for your family to arrive. That often happens in my family as well! One of my uncles is often late for family events and we have all have to wait and wait and wait some more for he and his family to arrive. One year he arrived so late that he and his family missed the games and the food. My cousins were so disappointed!

    I hope that you enjoyed seeing your family (if only for a few minutes). Hopefully you will have the chance to see a lot more of them before they head back to Australia.

    I also hope that you'll have time to post more blogs this summer. We're really enjoying them!

    Rachel :)

  3. Hi Fasi!

    I'm Mark and I am a teacher working with Rachel on the Summer Learning Journey. I hear you're writing some blogs about your summer holiday life! I hope you don't mind, but I would like to join in and read and comment also.

    It sounds like you are a very patient young man! What a great quality. I wonder what you did while you were waiting?

    I hope you're having a great holiday and look forward to reading more blogs soon!