Tuesday, 24 January 2017

On Monday

On Monday I went for a walk with Danny, dad, me and Danny little brothers.
So we went to walk in the creek where Glenbrae school.
When we walked through the creek we saw a man come out of no were. He looked like he jumped over the school fence, we looked at the school well walking, there was A LOT of paint on the walls and I mean A lot.
But after we went to the park we play some tag but it wasn't that fun but I enjoyed for like 1 minute.
Me and Danny just looked after our little brothers. So that all what we did bye


  1. Hi Fasi,
    I am sorry that you saw all of the paint, I had a similar experience today. I often walk through the reserve to get to school and I was really looking forward to coming in today to prepare the classroom for next week. I couldn't believe that mess!

    It's lucky we have your dad at school, I think he will be painting over it very soon. We will also see what we can do about the footpath - I'm sure the council will paint over it.

  2. Dear Danni and Fasi,

    I am so sorry to read that someone made such a mess of the school and the footpath. I am confident that it will be cleaned up but it must have been pretty upsetting to see it.

    I am sure that your dad will be able to paint over it and get things back to normal as quickly as possible.

    I'll look forward to seeing you both when I come into Glenbrae in Term 1 with Summer Learning Journey prize packs and certificates.

    See you soon!