Monday, 30 April 2018

A fact about Pluto

Pluto is not a planet because it is small, people started to notice that Pluto is very small and and some asteroid are the same size or even bigger than Pluto. Pluto is known as a dwarf planet.

Thursday, 12 April 2018


What are sound effects?
In motion pictures and television production, a sound effect is a sound recorded and pren

Sound effect has changed over the years?
Sound effect changed over the year when old technologies transformed in to different sounds from new technology, like a ringtone in the 1994 and now they changed the sound by making a new ringtone 2018. Sound can be changed in lots of different ways like when you drop a spoon and then drop a box filled up with spoons then they will sound different.    

What causes sound effect to change?
Sound change include any process of language change and also song that effect pronunciation or sound system structures. Sound can also change through high pitch to low pitch. When you add an a effect to a song.

How can we identify that sound effect is changed?
You can identify sound changes when you listen to a sound effect then change it by putting a different sound effect and that is how you can identify changes sound.

What can change sound?
The only thing that can change sound is the air and the direction that the sound is going to either it’s the right direction or if it’s the wrong direction.

They walk among us

It was a dark night when all hounds come out, all dead awaken and when all night watcher, watch among all who enter the darkness, but there was this one monster no one would dare to even hear him talk or even look at him because he was so frightening, and people say that he is faster than sound even faster than lightning, he has razor sharp claws, teeth that a harder than rock sharper the anything anyone could think of, no legs because he floats in the air with half of his body ripped off, he was a teddy bear that was made a by a legend that killed 900 towns all by himself in 1 year, and died from the earth seekers guards.

“THE END I will tell you more to tomorrow” dad said, “aww tell me more dad pleas-e” Joe said with a moan, “no you have school tomorrow and good night full stop” dad said shutting the door at the same time. “Uhhhh why did he get so angry, is he going to fight with someone cause I heard him running and yelling out to someone to get in the light dont go… and that's all I heard. Joe was only 7 he loved scary stories, has black hair about 5 feet tall and a boy that loves to play fitness or other running games.

The next morning Joe woke up and saw his dad in the kitchen with huge scratches on his chest and he said to Joe “call the ambulance son” “how what’s the number” Joe replied “911” dad said, “ok” Joe said, so he called them, then the scratches from the monster started growing and growing dad suddenly fell down and said  “there earth seeks that walk among us you need to end the creation made from the evil legend that killed 900 towns in one year and you need to get some weapons from the earth keeper …. Dead” “noooo”, get yourself together Joe said in his mind, ok I need to get some kind of weapon that I have never seen before.

Then out of no way this girl who sixteen walked in the house with a green glowing sword and walked straight to Joe with a face that looks as if she going to war with 1 whole amy of people, then she pick Joe up by the hand got him on to this weird looking animal that had 2 hons on the head, had wings to fly teeth that looks like a wood ripped off a tree trunk and the whole weird looking animal was green.

“What the heck is this called and where are we going” Joe yelled in the air “oh this is called are dragon but its made by the earth keeper and that's who we a going, the earth keeper”, what I thought that this was a story Joe said in his mind. Then they made it to the earth keeper. So then they got off the dragon and when to this huge house the look more like a castle that was never ending, then they  went this huge door and this huge person look down at them “HERE IS YOUR WEAPON YOU SEEK FOR, NOW YOU WILL NEED TO GO TO THE MONSTER”…. Then after that he shut the door with a slam the made the air look like a tsunami.

They just went back to the dragon and then the dragon flyed to the monster. When they made the monster was sitting on a tree trunk in the dark forest, the moon light shined on a tree with huge scratches, and the is what scared Joe but then he went back in his head to when he dad had passed away by huge scratch on his chest then came back to what is happening right now to him, then Joe said “i'm here to save the earth and to make the earth a better place” then the monster replied with a very deep voice “ I already know but you call could be dead by the time you blink your eyes”, “what does he mean Joe said to the girl “you should already know remember your dad told you the story about how fast he is” the girl said, “oh” Joe said with a voice that sounded nerves voice”, then Joe looked up at the tree trunk and saw the monster wasn't there was, then when he blinked it jump scared him a killed him and the rest of them and said “I walk among all little boy”.


I heard a whisper

There was a boy named Josh, he a had a younger brother name Max. Josh and Max moved in a new house. Josh and Max had a  two storey house that had a basement. The basement had a history of world war 1, there were dents in the ground and that basement was one of the dents.  

One day Josh and Max where reading a book named world war 1, until their mum came and said “We're moving to a new house boys”, “Why?” said Max “because this house is going to be destroyed and they are going to make a new house over it”, “oh”,Max replied, “no nder why you guys were taking lots of furniture out of the house into a truck?”, Josh said, what kind of house a we moving in to” said Max”, “oh yea, where moving into a two storey.

After the 2 weeks of packing all their stuff into a truck and moving it into their new house, “ahhh finally we finished packing and I can read my book world war 1 I been waiting for the whole 2 weeks” Josh said. So he read his book until he heard a whisper, it sounded like a bunch of people saying “get down we can’t let them know where here”, but it was from the basement down below under the house, the entry to the basement was in Josh's room, the entry was a door that lead to the basement. Josh went to the basement turned on the old light from centuries ago and walked down the stairs to the basement… he was about to look behind the washing machine but then mom yelled out “DINNER’S READY”, “COMING” Josh replied, he ran back up stairs closed the door and then slapped Max on the head “did you hear mom you ding dong dinner ready and get off my Chromebook” Josh said in a rush, “aw I was so close to getting high score” Max said sadly.    

“OK sweetie's eat up” , “wheres dad” said Max “at work Max” mom said, “finished eating” Josh said” so then you walked up the stairs to his room hopped into his bed and read his book the world war 1. So well he was reading his book he was up to the pages that talked about the whole in the ground or dent's in the grounds. Then suddenly the door that led to the basement opened and then Max heard a whisper "come down here and find what happened to this place", so then Max walked down and the wispier said move the washing machine and look under it then he saw a dead person with army clothes on and a gun.

Then Max said his head world war 1 happened right where in standing.

Thursday, 5 April 2018

The ice cream truck

Once upon a time there was a two boys named Danny and Fasi.
Danny and Fasi where best friends, so they thought Fasi should come to Danny house for a few hours and Fasi did. When Fasi came to Danny house,they went to play Basketball courts then started to play basketball half court, they played for 40 minutes then heard a ice cream Truck.

The Ice cream truck played the ice cream song, so then Fasi and Danny walked halfway to the ice cream truck. The ice cream truck was in a street filled with silence and the only thing you could hear was the wind blowing and the ice cream truck playing it’s ice cream song. Then Fasi said “ this street is creepy” “and the ice cream song too” Danny interrupted. They were both scared but they had $5 dollars and they wanted to use it on ice cream after all that playing. So they walked slowly to the ice cream truck.

Then a huge hand came out of the truck then tried to grab them, but luckily Danny was bigger then Fasi and stronger so he picked up the ball quickly and threw it very hard at the huge hand and then both of them ran fast as they can back to Danny place.

Then told Danny mum, but she just gave them a big laugh then dropped Fasi off back to his house then told his mom but she just did the same thing like Danny mum did, so Fasi and Danny just texted  each other, that was the craziest day of my life.