Thursday, 5 April 2018

The ice cream truck

Once upon a time there was a two boys named Danny and Fasi.
Danny and Fasi where best friends, so they thought Fasi should come to Danny house for a few hours and Fasi did. When Fasi came to Danny house,they went to play Basketball courts then started to play basketball half court, they played for 40 minutes then heard a ice cream Truck.

The Ice cream truck played the ice cream song, so then Fasi and Danny walked halfway to the ice cream truck. The ice cream truck was in a street filled with silence and the only thing you could hear was the wind blowing and the ice cream truck playing it’s ice cream song. Then Fasi said “ this street is creepy” “and the ice cream song too” Danny interrupted. They were both scared but they had $5 dollars and they wanted to use it on ice cream after all that playing. So they walked slowly to the ice cream truck.

Then a huge hand came out of the truck then tried to grab them, but luckily Danny was bigger then Fasi and stronger so he picked up the ball quickly and threw it very hard at the huge hand and then both of them ran fast as they can back to Danny place.

Then told Danny mum, but she just gave them a big laugh then dropped Fasi off back to his house then told his mom but she just did the same thing like Danny mum did, so Fasi and Danny just texted  each other, that was the craziest day of my life.

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