Thursday, 12 April 2018

I heard a whisper

There was a boy named Josh, he a had a younger brother name Max. Josh and Max moved in a new house. Josh and Max had a  two storey house that had a basement. The basement had a history of world war 1, there were dents in the ground and that basement was one of the dents.  

One day Josh and Max where reading a book named world war 1, until their mum came and said “We're moving to a new house boys”, “Why?” said Max “because this house is going to be destroyed and they are going to make a new house over it”, “oh”,Max replied, “no nder why you guys were taking lots of furniture out of the house into a truck?”, Josh said, what kind of house a we moving in to” said Max”, “oh yea, where moving into a two storey.

After the 2 weeks of packing all their stuff into a truck and moving it into their new house, “ahhh finally we finished packing and I can read my book world war 1 I been waiting for the whole 2 weeks” Josh said. So he read his book until he heard a whisper, it sounded like a bunch of people saying “get down we can’t let them know where here”, but it was from the basement down below under the house, the entry to the basement was in Josh's room, the entry was a door that lead to the basement. Josh went to the basement turned on the old light from centuries ago and walked down the stairs to the basement… he was about to look behind the washing machine but then mom yelled out “DINNER’S READY”, “COMING” Josh replied, he ran back up stairs closed the door and then slapped Max on the head “did you hear mom you ding dong dinner ready and get off my Chromebook” Josh said in a rush, “aw I was so close to getting high score” Max said sadly.    

“OK sweetie's eat up” , “wheres dad” said Max “at work Max” mom said, “finished eating” Josh said” so then you walked up the stairs to his room hopped into his bed and read his book the world war 1. So well he was reading his book he was up to the pages that talked about the whole in the ground or dent's in the grounds. Then suddenly the door that led to the basement opened and then Max heard a whisper "come down here and find what happened to this place", so then Max walked down and the wispier said move the washing machine and look under it then he saw a dead person with army clothes on and a gun.

Then Max said his head world war 1 happened right where in standing.

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