Thursday, 12 April 2018


What are sound effects?
In motion pictures and television production, a sound effect is a sound recorded and pren

Sound effect has changed over the years?
Sound effect changed over the year when old technologies transformed in to different sounds from new technology, like a ringtone in the 1994 and now they changed the sound by making a new ringtone 2018. Sound can be changed in lots of different ways like when you drop a spoon and then drop a box filled up with spoons then they will sound different.    

What causes sound effect to change?
Sound change include any process of language change and also song that effect pronunciation or sound system structures. Sound can also change through high pitch to low pitch. When you add an a effect to a song.

How can we identify that sound effect is changed?
You can identify sound changes when you listen to a sound effect then change it by putting a different sound effect and that is how you can identify changes sound.

What can change sound?
The only thing that can change sound is the air and the direction that the sound is going to either it’s the right direction or if it’s the wrong direction.

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