Saturday, 26 September 2015

My best time ever with Danny

On Saturday 26th of September 2015, My family went to drop my Dad to help the teacher do his garden in Mount Wellington. We all went to Danny’s house, then my mum talked to Danny mum and asked if we would like to come out with them to the park since its a nice sunny day.  Then my mum agreed she said yes we should go out to the park.  All of us went back home and cleaned our house because Danny’s mum was waiting for Danny to return home with his Nana.

When Danny arrived back to his mum, they got ready to come over to our house with his little brother Marcus.  We all travelled together in our van.
Only eight  people who can fit in the van, but we are lucky because there were eight people who could fit in the van.  Then we made it to the Glendowie skate park then we got our basketball a we saw a basketball hoop, we started to play we played master, this is how you play masters, you line up and someone has to be the master, but you only if you get it in the hop
then you can be the master, that's how you play the game.   

So that's what we played master, after we got
tired then we went home but something even better
happened I gotted to go Danny’s house again.
But only Tauola had to with my little brother Tini.
We went to get some fish and chips, we went to Danny’s house. Then we ate, after we ate we started to play outside we played tag,next I play with Danny on his game we played Call of duty. Then my mum came to pick us up to go home because it was getting late.  So we went home. I felt so tired when I came back I was about to faint. Thank’s for reading   

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