Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Cross Country perpetration

Today we did cross country practice. We went out to run twice around the field, it was cold and there was also water crystals on the grass. Room 7 went out on the field and did some stretches we stretched our thigh muscles and our calf muscles too. Mrs Parker then asked all of the girls to line up and run twice around the field, so the girls ran and ran. Then Mrs Parker asked all of the boys to go and line up so they could run" the boys jogged, and I jogged with my friend Charlie. Well I got so tired, I saw mud, the mud slowed me down when I jogged through the mud, the mud was so squishy my foot  kept  getting stuck, then we jogged on. After we did our two laps around the field my legs were so tired and sore. So next time I will jog a little faster and not give up. I love running.

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