Sunday, 27 August 2017


Wednesday at camp I went Kayaking I've never kayaked before so I was excited, ( I was in Group 3 ) the kid's I was going with was Alex, Salesi, Luisa, Stephen, Salote, Alisi, Linda. When we arrived we had a instructor the was 7 boat's 3 yellow boats, 2 red ones and 2 orange boat's.
I went in one of the yellow one's. We went to kayak now we on the sea there was this flouting boy so we all kayaked to the boy so first people there hold it then the rest join in by holding the other person's boat. so we went to the other boy it took us less time to make it to the other boy. The we did the same thing with the platform. After we played a game called ball tag but on kayaking boat.
So we played were the wharf was for about 10 minutes. Next we played this other game next to the rock or the beach, we played a game were we all bunch up together and 2 people stand up and walk on the other person boat and walk's all the way to the last persons boat and back to there own boat. We played that for 15 minutes or more and then kayaked back to shore.



  1. Wow Fasi, that sounds so cool. I have never been in a kayak as I'm a bit scared that I might flip over and then can't get back into it. Perhaps one of this days, I will try it as well. Well done

  2. Hi Fasi,
    It sounds like you had an awesome time kayaking and it is great to read about this experience! Next time you could edit your recount to make sure that you have written full sentence.