Wednesday, 29 March 2017

After the spill

After the spill
The book is about an oil spill that has fallen of the boat and has been in the ocean for 3 weeks. When the divers was in the ocean they helped with the cleaning they cleaned of oil from 409 birds. They collected and disposed of 2410 dead birds of which 1448 had oil on them.

The spill placed in tauranga bay that’s where it happened the local iwi  and scientists were working together they were working together because they are both smart and if they put their minds together they will know what has happened.    

The scientist collected data from thousands of samples, Polycyclic, aromatic, hydrocarbons.

By AJ and Fasi

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  1. Hi Fasi,

    Well done for including lots of important information in your summary!Remember to read it back through and edit it to make sure you have included things like full stops at the end of sentences.