Friday, 24 March 2017


We can help by telling people to use a bus than everyone in there own cars.
For example if lots of people went to one bus or lots of people going in there own car.
Look after the seawater by telling people to not throw their rubbish in the sea, tell the people who go on boat that run by gas to go on a boat that does not run on gas but run by people.
Do not cut down trees because there will not be enough air if they cut more than 1 billion.
Learning about what is causing air pollution. (Read to get the answers)

What is causing air pollution ?
Cow fart, factories, cars, bus, trucks, and all of those other stuff. What is better to use than cars, bus, trucks ?
We should walk or use  a bike to ride in.

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  1. Hi Fasi,

    It is great to see your suggestions about what people can do to look after the environment! I agree with you about the cars, when I see lots of people on the bus I think of how many more cars would be on the road if they all drove cars instead.