Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Monday 20th March

On Monday 20th March I had an bad day.
At the Start, I woke up nice in the morning, until my mum opened the door and started saying, GET UP GET UP YOUR LATE FOR SCHOOL !!!.
After I went to school in a van. We made it there at the right time because when we got there the bell just rang.
I walked in class ever one was doing work and no one even said hi, I did my reading activity, I asked my teacher if I could do the other reading activity, but she said "carry on with the other reading activity you have not finished" I did not want to do it but, I still did it.
It looked very hard but when I just put my mind into it and focused on it, I thought I would be one of the first to finished (neck minute) but no it was not me it was these other smarter kids (In my way), "well" in my mind to bad. Next my class went outside for fitness,  that was the best out of the whole day for me.
So we lined up and then walked up to the field. Trent or Alex were holding the ball on the way.
Up on the field.

Alex put he ball down for us to start the scorer game, it started, when it started my heart started to pumb faster and my blood flowed though me fast, The ball was kicked in front of me I ran with the ball and almost made it but I deiced to past it to other player.
We played like that for 10 minutes. We came back to class in a line some kid's went for a drink of water.
(Back in class) We started on with our writing, we had to solve the written story.
I tried to work out it but it was just to noisy and I keep talking and then get back to work, start talking again, get back to work, talk, work, talk, work talk. It was like if one friend is saying get back to work and the other friend is trying to make me talk with him.

Then morning tea came alone I played rugby with all the year 6 and 7, not even one time I got the ball, all of them were like "YA,Ya,YA,SHAM ONLY OUR TEAM WON, NO OUR TEAM BECAUSE WE GOT THE LAST TRY"!!!.
Then the bell rang.

                          TO BE CONTINUE 


  1. Hi Fasi,

    That does sound like a bad day! I'm really pleased that you managed to persevere with the difficult work and I hope that you are happy in your new group! Perhaps in writing we should split your table up a bit more, so no-one will be tempted to talk as much. I hope the rest of the week was better!

  2. Yes miss it was just for one day