Tuesday, 27 June 2017

At School

Today I went to school in the morning, I played some rugby for 20 minutes then the bell rang.
All the kids went back to class, We did Test's until it was morning tea we did our spelling test and our writing test. So when I played rugby again with my friend's, it was funny until the bell rang, I do the milk by giving how much milk a class need's. Me and Aj do give out the milk to the kid's.
When Me and Aj came back to class we got out our book so we can read.
A few hours later it was lunch time.

We just keep playing rugby the whole day but it was fun. The bell rang lunch time over
So the teacher was sorting out a problem then other teacher came to get me and our group to learn how to take your time and say nothing is hard, it was a group the goes to draw's by joining dot's to make a shape. After that it was home time.

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