Monday, 13 February 2017

At the bush and beach

Monday the 13th of February 2017 me and my family went to the bush. 
When we went to the bush we all feed the ducks.
The duck looked very hungry as if they had no food for days, but lucky we came to feed them.
After feeding the ducks we went for a walk. We walked around the block. 
Well I was walking through the bush I breathed in the air it felt like I was drinking a whole glass of cold water.
When that was done went to becasue the beach was right next to the bush.
So we walked through the beach my sister Dora had no shoes on, we saw this big big block of mud was in the ground so my sister walked it because if we walk back we will take even longer to walk to the car, so when Dora stepped into it her leg sunk into the ground but not her whole leg just half.
Luckily we made out of the mud with out getting stuck. So we walked back to the car, and drove back home.

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  1. Hi Fasi, I like all of the description you have used in this recount. My favourite part was when you compared breathing to having a drink of water. Well done for taking the initiative and blogging last night.