Monday, 10 April 2017

A little bit of some stuff you can do to stop pollution

  • You can help stop air pollution by waking to school or work, ride on a bike.
  • Tell people to help stop polluting air by doing these stuff.
  • Go in one bus rather then lots of people riding around in there own cars.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Fasi,
    Goodness you are onto something really good here. I used to be a bus driver and I witnessed too many cars with just the driver and my bus was half empty, but I still had to do the run, full or empty. So if more people would take the bus, it would be better not just for the world, but also for the raising tempers of some of the drivers when we are all stuck in traffic!
    Another really good way of getting around is indeed the byc, it keeps you fit while riding it, just be careful, there are a lot of cars sharing the road, or maybe not willing to do so!
    But I must say, Auckland is getting better every year with cycle ways popping up everywhere, so I say: on your byc!!!!!!!
    Well done on your good work
    Enjoy your day