Thursday, 28 June 2018

The Dark world

One weird night I wake up and look out my window and see a man standing randomly on the dark quiet street. So I decide to walk down stairs, open the door to see if the man is ok, but by the time I open the door, the man is next to a puddle then I ran to the man and yell out to the man “ARE YOU OK”, then the man whispers “no” then he jumps through the puddle into this dark world.

I just look down at the puddle and jump on it, but I never went through it I just splashed the water everywhere. So I ran as fast as I can back to the house and slam the door, then ran back up stairs to my room  and force myself to sleep.

The next day I wake up and walk down stairs to the kitchen and cook myself some breakfast. I realised  that the bread is finished. So I drive to the shop to get some bread. When I make it to the bread section I look at the window and see the man who was the street last night and smiles at me and says “jump into the puddle tonight. Then I freaked out and drove back home and waited till the night.

After I waited I looked out my window and saw`the man then he whispered on phone “jump down here”, then he jumped into the puddle so I popped on my shoes, jacket and ran down stairs opened the door and ran to the puddle and then jumped as high as I could and fell  through the puddle and saw nothing but darkness I said “where am l” then he said “this is YOUR World now, this is the dark world where one million people died and suffered”. (to be continued)

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