Tuesday, 16 June 2015

fitness balloon game

fitness balloon game

On Monday we played a game called the balloon game.
e had to jog around the court two times, there was excitement.  How to play the balloon game, first you hold hands and then you make a circle, someone drops the balloon in the circle and you try to keep the balloon off the ground.

The boys played the game first then the girls went second but the girls didn’t just look at us playing, they had to jog around the court two times they looked tired
when I saw them jogging.

hen me and the boys were playing the game.The balloon went to Danny’s side then Danny jumped up and bumped the balloon with his head it went to my side and I jumped up and hit the balloon like Danny,then
it was the girls turn to have a go to play the game too.

Then we had to jog around the court two times like the girls the girls did the same thing like what the boys did  after the girls played the game we had to go class.

The End

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  1. Well done on finishing this piece of writing Fasi. You've used some good verbs (bumped, jumped, jogging) Next time look to the recount connectives poster to see if you can add some time linking words also.