Friday, 3 July 2015

Science week


It was week 10 of term 2, also Science week for Glenbrae students. All of the seniors rotated to different classes to learn different kinds of experiments. Lets get the week started.  

On monday we did science with Mrs Raj. So the first thing we did was naming water,ice and steam (States of matter). I can tell you what name you name them. Water is liquid,ice is solid and steam is gas and Water cycle. Mrs Raj made a cup of coffee and put a cup over the top of the cup that had the coffee inside of it. We waiting for five minutes then we removed the cup from the top of it. Inside the cup was little drops of water, called condensation. The droplets were from the steam that touched the top of the cup and made steam.

On Tuesday we did some more science with Mrs Parker. We were making
bread. The first thing we did was watch a picture and talk about it. We made bread. There were many ingredients, but I can’t name that much. After all the ingredients were added, we got into the kneading process. I didn’t get to do it, but I still watched them. They all had to push the dough down. When they had finished kneading, Mrs Card placed it into the oven for it to bake. Time went past then it was time to make butter. We made butter using cream and salt. What we had to do was put those two together and shake it until is was made into butter. We eat it with butter,and we made the butter by shaking it in the jrare.


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