Sunday, 19 July 2015

Q Rabbits

Q Rabbits

I went to Q Rabbits on sunday 5th of July I went with my Mum and Dad ,two sister, Dora, Tauola and the last one my little brother Tini.

Me and my family went to Q Rabbits because it was Danny little cousin named Amira’s birthday
and they invited me and my family.  Me and Danny
are best friend’s. Some time’s I go to Danny’s house
and play with him and when I go to his house some time and when I’m at his house Amira is there but it doesn't mean I don’t play with Danny .

We went to Q Rabbit’s at 5.30  in  the evening.  
It was my first time going there.  When I went inside it was awesome, I saw the biggest bouncy
slide in the whole place it was so cool that I ran to  
bouncy slide and went up four times.  

There were so many things to play on, they also had a game place where you collect the balls in a basket then put them into the ball shooter.  After a while playing everybody had a feed.  I had pizza KFC a piece of pork.

After eating and having a break I went back to play at the playground it was so much fun. As it was getting late a man came around telling us it was time to because they were closing.  We went home and as we left we all said thank you and we got a party pack given to us it was cool.

The End

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