Thursday, 20 December 2018

Activity 3: Salt and Pepper [5 + 5 possible bonus points]

On your blog tell us where you would build your hotel and what you would use to build it. For an extra five points, use Google Drawings to design one room in your hotel. You can also use a paper and pencil to draw your room, take a picture of the drawing, and post it on your blog.


  1. Hi Fasi, I like the idea of having flowers in your hotel room. I am just unsure if a hotel room built with flowers would be stable. Would the hotel be built with other materials and flowers used for interior decorating? Have a think about it.

    Happy blogging.
    Mrs Tofa

  2. Hi Fasi,

    I'm Leslie and I'm a member of the Summer Learning Journey team reading your blog from my home in Canada. Because it's a cold, winter day here in my country, I'm really enjoying thinking about your plan to build a hotel made of sweet-smelling flowers. Wonderful and very imaginative!

    Your suggested location of Rangitoto is a good one because, as you say, there would be a beautiful view for everyone to enjoy every day. I wonder how people would feel about walking down the volcano and then taking a boat, however, to visit the rest of the city??? Many tourists never encounter volcanoes in their home countries. Anyone who visits New Zealand has to have strong legs, don't they?!

    As Mrs. Tofa suggests, creating a building out of flowers might be a bit tricky, especially with all of the storms and high winds that blow through the Auckland area. What would you reinforce your building with to ensure that it wouldn't be blown down by wind or a storm?

    I hope you'll keep working at the SLJ activities as you're doing a great job!!