Friday, 1 April 2016

Ripper rugby

On Thursday we went to play Ripper rugby on the field.
We went on Thursday in the morning.  Our class went there and we saw Matt.

We stated to practice how to pass the ball, we had to line up in 6 groups but the 3 go to the other side , practice to pass until we know how to pass good.

The real game started we got our stuff that we need and my team had the ball they ran very fast as like someone after them. We passed the ball it went flying across our heads, But the white team
catches the ball, we had to run so fast to get the ball, they keep passing the to there team mates
it was hard to get the ball they still passed the ball to there team Alex my friend got the and pass it to
me and i got the last tire.

I felt happy when I got the last tire because
I never know that I was going to get a tire  

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