Monday, 18 July 2016

On Monday

On Monday the 18 I went to school with my dad to help him do his work.
My dad is the caretaker for my school, a caretaker is a person who looks after the school and keeps the school nice and clean.
Then after that we went home we had a little feed and then I did my homework.
Me and my little brother Tini

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  1. Hi Fasi,

    I love this picture of you and your brother, Tini. It looks like you were having a lot of fun at school! It's great to see Tini on his bike. If you have time and want to do some more blogging about sports and family, please consider joining the Winter Learning Journey programme this year. It's really easy and fun! You'll learn lots about the upcoming Olympic Games in Brazil. They are the largest, international sporting event in the world!

    To join, simply google 'Winter Learning Journey' and click on the 'Weekly Activities' tab on the website. There are 21 activities for you to choose from, including one where you are to post a picture just like the one of Tini on your site!

    Cheers, Rachel