Wednesday, 6 May 2015

As We Welcomed the Waka

WALT: Write a Recount about Malama Honua

On Wednesday 25th March, Glenbrae School went to Pt England Beach. We went there to welcome the waka and how did we welcome them by sing with pride.  
The songs we sang to the waka were E Oho ,He Honore, Nga Waka.
There were students from Pt England, Stonefields, Tamaki College, Tamaki Primary,
Glen Innes Primary, St Pius X, Kura Kaupapa , Ruapotaka, Pt England and Panmure Bridge.    
There were 2000 kids in total who were there to welcome the Waka (Boat). 

First we gathered our hats and walked to the Glenbrae hall. We sat in our
lines as we got ready and then we got up and walk in our lines and followed the Teacher. Finally we made it out of Glenbrae. We walked all the way until we saw Tamaki college walking there
too. After we made it to Pt England Beach, we saw that there were 12 Schools all together. Then we went to sit on the grass and we listened to the people who came out of there canoe. They told us when to sing to the Waka. We stood up and then we got ready to sing to the Waka. When we were singing we were trying our best and I felt liked it was one of the best songs I have ever sung to the Waka. It was a great day.


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