Thursday, 7 May 2015


On Tuesday the 5th of May we played basketball at 10-20am in the morning
first we line up and then we went outside down to the crot then we saw the coach
her name was chanel.The first basket ball mov was drebbel the ball around the your legs,
after we started to play games the first game we played was drebbel tag , drebbel tag
is like ball rash.First you need to line up on the court then you call they name then
you need to run and then you  the ball to them and tag them with your hands.
After we played ship ,shark ,shore. Ship , shark , shore is a game that you stranded
on the line on the court then the coach calls out  ship ,shark or shore then you run
but ship means run to the lift and shark means run to the write and last of
all shore means run lift or write.After playing ship ,shark, shore we played
opederpulls.Opederpulls is when you stand on the line then when they are ready
and when you are ready you start to run the the taggers need to drebbel
the ball to you and then they tag you with there hands but you don’t gas
let them tag you ,you run away from them and then we finished our
playing basketball.

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