Friday, 18 March 2016

Ripper Rugby

On Tuesday our class played  ripper rugby.
Ripper rugby is rugby and that has no tackling.
 we ripped the tags and run play a little about ball rush but by ripping there tag, we played it on Tuesday.

ball rush but it had no tackling, there was only just run ripping the tag. I was the tagger the tagger is the one that calls out the names what they kids have on there body then the kid will run I will try to rip the tag of them, the kids that I get will have to be an tagger too, then me her or he will try get

Then we started to played it was fun I called out people with no socks or shoes the the kids with out any socks or shoes ran as fast as they can then someone when I run to rip there tag it felt like a lion try to catch
a deer.

It was fun playing ripper rugby everyone laughed when we were playing and I got lost of people lintel there was the last one but that last one was the winner. Everyone was happy, no sad one, it was fun.
Then it was all finished  because we had no time for other game but the good thing was that we all had fun.  

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