Friday, 17 June 2016


One day there was a boy called Callum who was about to go for a walk around the streets but before he went his dad told him that is you see a black dog rushing at you, you will have to stay still.

Then Callum went for a walk well he was walking he saw a dog sign saying BEWARE OF THE DOG, he was just atil a black dog just came rushing down at him.
He stayed still the dog stop right beside him, the dog was a tall one is was up to his chest.
The dog rolled over on his back, four black paws waving in the air the was wagging his tale it slapped his knee OUCH!!!. The dog laid his to black paws on to him, Cullum looked at his red tongue and his white teeth and then the black dog gave him a great big licked him in the face YUCK then Callum saw someone saying sweetie-pie it was a woman she looked at the dog saying “did you run a way again”, “naughty boy”.

He went back home. He said to his dad I made a new friend dad said “what's his name”  Sweetie-pie and dad said  “what Sweetie-pie” year. It was the black dog next store, I thought that dog a was dangwised.

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