Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Trip to Auckland live

Today went to a place called Auckland live. First we got our stuff and went to the bus.

When we made it we went inside the building  Auckland live was at the city.
So we went down where all the other classes were at. Then had morning tea.
When we that was done we went to the area where the people do there shows there,we got to see the light that you shine on the people when they are doing there acted. Next we went to the other side of the light to the controls to do the light and the window and all that other stuff.
So the last thing was go to the make up room and see stuff like wigs and costumes, make up. They told us about stuff like how they get the people ready for the show.
They said that”we need to get people down to three seconds” so they said” they work very hard”.

It was time to go after our lunch so we went back into the bus. I felt happy about all that stuff I just told you about so that's my trip.

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