Friday, 26 January 2018

I Survived (The Sinking Titanic)

Today I red "I Survived the sinking titanic.

Chapter one is about when the ship is sinking and this guy named George was on the titanic trying to save some people , he was so scared!!! he was scared when the black panther chased him through the forest, he was scared-er then going to army school that's far a way from everything and everyone. So when he was holding on to the rail on the ship and then fell becasue he had no more grip to hold on the rail so he fell onto the deck and banged his head, the water was so black George did not look at the dark black water, so he just faced up and look at the stars reminding him about his mum looking down from heaven to him and that's Chapter one :)

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  1. Nice work Fasi keep it up lucky you survived on the titanic hahahhahahahahah