Thursday, 25 January 2018

The Bag Guy (Episode 4)

Today Thursday 25th January I red The Bad Guys Book .

Chapter one, it was about this billionaire, MAD scientist Mr Rupert Marmalade who invented zombie kittens commonly known and Zitten, so zittens hate water, love Yarn balls and if you here a little bells that is the sound that the little zitten makes.

These 4 Guys called, Mr Wolf, Mr Shark, Spider and the snake... They were all in a little pool on top of each other, well all of the zitten surrounded them they were talking about how they should try and save themselves so the snake said "Lets throw Mr wolf and we will make a run for it and he can be a real hero for the first time", so Mr Wolf agreed with him because he said we are hero's we don't run from fights like this, just before they threw Mr wolf ,then  agent wolf came and saved the day. That's what Chapter One is all about :)

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