Monday, 7 May 2018

The Teddy that lives on the mountain

One evening there was one boy name Tommy playing with favorite racing cars, Tommy is only 7 year old, he lives with his Dad and his Mom, he has no siblings.  Tommy favorite place to go was on the mountain, because Tommy had a little secret about why he loves going to the mountain. And that little secret was because he had friend named Joe who lived on the mountain, and his friend wasn't a human or a creature that lurks in the night but he was a teddy bear and small one the only time the teddy bear awakens is in the evening when sun falls and all that is there is quietness.

“It’s time to go to the mountain Mom and Dad” Tommy said putting on his jacket “ok lets go then ” dad replied with a face full of joy. Then they drove to the Mountain.
When they arrived they Tommy got out of the car and ran to a little hole in the ground then he whispered in the hole “you can come out now Joe”, the a little teddy popped out.
The teddy just looked around and suddenly ran to the edge of the mountain and said “you can live with me” then Tommy said “how?...” then Joe said “you need to jump off the mountain and then you can see me and then live with me” Tommy said with a nervous voice “i'm scared”, don’t be I can jump with you replied Joe” “ok” and then they both jumped off the edge and died.

Then Mom and Dad just watched him fall and said “good job Joe 3 more kids to kill” till we can live as a family in a little hole.

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