Wednesday, 9 May 2018


Wednesday 9 May there were 6 volunteers from the P.W.C (Prize Water Cooper), the 6 volunteers came to tell us about Toitoi and how you can draw a picture and make a story of it.(E.g Sky Dive. I look at the ground I feel the wind. I jump off a sudden strike of lighting rushes though my body.) 

Our class got split up into six groups, the only person I knew out of those volunteer was Lee because he was the person to work with us. We went outside and followed Lee up on the field. Then we sat and read 3 poems Cats, Poppy and The Whistle Blow.

The first poem we read was about cat's it just talked about what cats do like crawling scratching rolling, and the next poem was Poppy it talked about how red it is like red velvet, and the very last one was Whistle Blow, that one talked about rugby when the whistle Blows and the game starts, every starts running pushing to the end and get the try then the whistle Blows.      

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