Friday, 20 May 2016

Going to netball

Today we played netball, the thing that we did was play a game where you are meant to pipit.
This is how we played on the field, one had to go on the other side of the field and when she says low we need to pipit low and when she high we need to pipit high, so we did that until we learnt how to pipit. After learning how to pipit we played a game called shoots. We all got a number and when she yells out a number that number needs to run and get the ball also when he or she gets the ball they have to pass the ball to the number who calls out and the number who got the ball has to shoot the ball it the lop. We play for a long time until it was time to go.

When I went to netball it was cool because we played a game I never knew I was going to

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